Pink wall


In this project the space is unusual. During construction we suggested the owners to retain the living room double-height. It was decided to highlight one of the walls. We stopped on a pink tone. It was helped to liven up the space and make it more cozy. The lighting plan was worked out in detail. Wall lamps along the walls and stairs, wrought iron chandelier descends from the ceiling. We advised owners about the ceiling, furniture and finishing materials (paint, floor tiles). But the choice of upholstered furniture left behind by the owners. Caution, below pictures not only of the result but horror from the construction site!
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Spring bedroom


My sketch of spring bedroom specifically for The full article you can read here.

Rostov black pottery


In Rostov there are workshops of black-glazed pottery. It’s pretty ancient folk craft.
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This is my small collection of portraits people I met on Instagram this summer. It all started with Angel @icehotel, I could not resist her photo which is filled of bright colors and positive. DJ Yabis @dreameurotrip apparently jokingly, asked to draw him too. They did this series of photos together and his pictures are full of bright tulips, so I painted his portrait with joy.
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Christmas mood


I think this Scandinavian farmhouse is ideal for Christmas and winter! Barn wood, the warmth of gold, fur. And a lot of snow outside the window.
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From the wedding box


Perhaps every house have a Christmas box, i.e. a box with Christmas attributes. And now we have so-called the wedding box. It is quite large and contains all except of course suit and dress. Now I will show you what we are storing in it.
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Wedding invitations

wedding inventation_a

We did invitations for our wedding by ourselves. We decided that a printed version wouldn’t so vibrant. I painted the flowers, Alex did the font, text and overall design. I tried different variants of the composition, but a color we chose immediately.
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Egyptian Interior Style. Part 2


The part 1 you can see here.

For the Egyptians their look and hygiene were of the first importance. They bathed in the rivers, used soap of animal fats and chalk or onion ash. The rich people had bathrooms in the mansions. The Egyptians have already used metal mirrors. Men and women from the upper classes wore wigs and jewelries and made up. They had coffers with perfumes and cinnamon, incense, musk, myrrh and flagroot oils. They took care of their nails. On their eyelids they put green dye from malachite,put the ochre rouge on their lips and cheeks. Eyes were more expressed with the black lines. Men shaved not only beards but the whole body.
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Getting ready for the cold weather


Very soon the cold weather will come, which means that we will spend more time at home. So I came up with my new interior sketches filled with maximum comfort and warmth. This collection of furniture I made especially for The Furnish. My recommendation to them, you can find on their web site.
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Egyptian Interior Style. Part 1


This article I have prepared a long time ago, but the wedding planning are not allowed to publish it. I tried to make it maximum interesting, opened a subject not only about peculiarities of the Egyptian style but about life at that time. I hope you enjoy it and will find a lot of useful information. Don’t miss the Part 2!

The unique culture of Ancient Egypt charms many people up to our days.
It was especially popular in the Napoleon`s time, due to him the Empire style was originated and also in the first decade of the 20th century. Such celebrities as Janice Jackson, David Bowie, Sher and others tried on the style of Cleopatra and Egyptian kings. Inspired by Egypt again and again fashion designers create maserpieces.
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