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We are Alex and Eva, a happy husband and wife. We have a sweet little son.
I am an interior designer, Alex is a musician.

We love to constantly learn something new and develop. In this blog we share inspiration, our projects and creativity, helpful tips on design, our live and experiences. My husband helps and supports me in everything. We work on projects together. We will be very happy if you will find here something really useful! I’m not a native English speaker, so please forgive for my mistakes.

We welcome our new readers!


About me

I love the design since childhood. Been drawing different layouts of apartments and houses from the age of six and imagined how looks everything inside. While my coevals were reading popular magazines, I read books and articles about designers and design.
After College I was fortunate enough to study in BHSAD on an interior designer, to work in interesting places: I was a designer on TV and get out there a wonderful experience. I believe that the home should reflect the personality of the owner to meet all his needs, lifestyle and comfort. Every home and family has its own unique history and it’s wonderfully.

About the blog

Our blog is not only about design but also about family values, traditions and love. It’s those things which without every home can’t be really cozy. We strive for a blog would bring maximum benefit to all. The blog is still being formed, but in some headings you can found something interesting:

In the Inspiration you can be full of ideas for your home and for the soul, read the interview interesting people about their home values.

In the Design you can find about design, enjoy apartments of people from different corners of the Earth. And to know about the interior styles. I try to delve into the history of style as much as possible, therefore affect the theme not only of architecture and decor of the time, but the lifestyle of people, their diet and family relationships.

In the Projects we share our design projects, talk about how working on them.

In the Craft you can find about the masters and their works, be inspired to create something own.

In the Tips you can find about design, decor, housekeeping, lighting and more. For example, How to get inspired to create your own interior? or How to avoid mistakes in the repair and construction of house?

In the Art we share our arts and creative projects.

In the Live we tell about ourselves, our trips and travels, share experiences and findings.

Eva and Alex