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Penthouse in Istanbul

This a two-floor penthouse is located in one of districts of Istanbul designed by Studio Escape from Sofa. Its area of 250 sqm with four bedrooms and an outdoor terrace with fabulous views. We are very impressed with its simple forms, greyish colors combined with the warmth of the African Iroko hardwood, cult objects of the mid-century modernism, marble surfaces, and thoughtful storage systems in each room. There is a balance between simplicity and comfort, so to be here is a real pleasure!
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Freehand. Peacock Сhair

This gorgeus chair with a back resembling a peacock’s tail called the Peacock Chair. Its origin is not known, but there are many legends. Its home is the Philippines. This is outdoor furniture, but often it stands in the interiors. It is made mostly of rattan and vines. Braided pattern varies from simple to the most intricate shapes. Originally natural colors, but today you can find it in bright colors: yellow, pink, sky blue, and of course, black or white.
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Freehand. Alessi – factory of the happiness

It all began in 1921 in the Omegna, Italy, when Giovanni Alessi opened with his brother a small workshop of the tableware and household objects. The passion does something incredible and, soon, the workshop turned into a factory. From the 50s-60s the company began actively to invite designers and architects to create new products. It was a time of experimentation with form and materials. Objects obtained with history, with soul and humor, and at the same time, convenient to use. Today we can see them in the biggest design museums.
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Restaurant Finca in Salt Lake City

British graphic designer Ellie Cashman creates incredible floral wallpapers with lush blossoms. Projects in which they are used always attract attention and encourage to stay longer here. I especially like the Finca Spanish restaurant in Salt lake City, designed by City Home Collective. Their task was to create a place where thay really want to spend time, and as often as possible.
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Chinese style in interior

Continuing the theme of Chinoiserie we will touch on the true China style. Despite the fact that it is much more modest than the view of Europeans, it still deserves attention. This country is full of centuries-old traditions, it has brought to the world many useful inventions such as paper, ceramics, silk, bronze casting and more. Any object in the Chinese style makes a modern interior more interesting and meaningful.
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French monochrome

This Parisian apartment owned by the designers Gilles & Boissier. The exquisite moldings on the walls and ceilings are complements with the modern furniture and vintage, with the abstract art, and photography, with the texture of the carpet, and parquet. The minimum of the colors and decor – here is the elegance of the French interiors.
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Patricia Urquiola. A woman with character

Patricia Urquiola – one of the few successful women in the design world, where mostly men are the leaders. She is originally from Oviedo, Spain and in her veins flows the blood of the Basques and Asturias. She has incredible charisma and her main task is to convince and earn the trust. Thus, the companies with which she cooperates are willing to rethink their possibilities and to try something new. Today her objects produces in such significant companies as: B&B Italia, Kartell, Driade, Moroso and others.
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Caroline Sieber’s Home in London

With chic and bright this home belongs to the style icon Caroline Sieber and her husband. The interior is filled with antiques from different eras but it looks fresh and trendy. The painting on the living room wall is in the Chinoiserie style, and modern coffee table with marble top next to the Rococo sofa and chair from the Napoleon era dilutes the space and makes it more modern and stylish. The incredible marble in the bathroom adds the chic feel. Elements such as the skull with deer horns over the fireplace emphasize a bright personality and humor of the owners.
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Private residents in Texas, United States

The interior of this private residence pleasing to the eye due to the soothing and beautiful shades. Wood and stone in one color look are harmonious and not arguing with each other. Upholstery gently complements the space and resembles moss. Here is not boring due to the diversity of textures and accents with large chandeliers, unusual tables and art objects.
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5 chair icons

In the history of design was created many products which have become iconic and do not lose their relevance today. We chose 5 chairs that are most often encountered today in stylish interiors. The secret of their long popularity in thoughtful design, versatility and simplicity. Each of them can be found in homes, cafes, offices and hospitals around the world. The names of our heroes need to know so we will tell you who, when and why created them.
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