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Color of the year 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity

World famous company of color Pantone announces any shade of color of the year for several years. In 2015 it was Marsala – deep and enveloping wine shade. This year for the first time in the history of Pantone two colors became as color of the year (or combination​): Rose Quartz and Serenity.
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A cozy conversation. Liv Megargle

Liv Megargle (4th on the photo) – momma of 4, small business owner, coauthor of Soulremedies, living in a little farmy town in Washington state with her beautiful big family. We begin the new 2016 with her lovely story about home and family traditions!
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New Year’s eve table decorations. 9 different moods

Magical New Year’s eve will happen very soon. And each of us wants to celebrate New Year in beauty. We think over the menu and prepare the beautiful gowns, the gifts are packed and waiting in the wings. The celebration will happen around the table, so we offer 9 stylish options for how to decorate New Year’s eve table. Each of them with a very different mood and you can choose what you prefer.
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DIY Christmas decorations ideas

Christmas tree, light garlands, tangerines and candles are the main attributes for a fabulous Christmas night. But what if you try something new? Here are some ideas that we really liked.
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Personage + interior: carelessness or ambitiousness

Two persons, two different characters. The first is a young, carefree girl, easy-going and a lover of adventure. Her interior: natural materials, shabby wood and leather, vintage and objects that are valuable not for its cost but for history and uniqueness. She surrounds herself with the things that warm the soul.
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A symbol of fertility

Skulls of bulls and cows often decorate the interiors. I always wondered what they mean, because even for me they are a bit gloomy. And recently while studying architecture I found the term: bucranium – ornament in the form of skulls of bulls and rams which since ancient times decorate the temples and tombs in many cultures. The bull is a symbol of spring and fertility and also power. Gods and kings was often depicted with a bull’s horns. The skull of a bull with its horns very similar to the shape of the female uterus. Also, it reminds us about the impermanence of life.
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The canopy over the bed

It’s time to think about the design of our new home. I love the canopies over the bed. Special attention I want to attract to the canopy which hangs just over the headboard. In this detail there is something touching that conditionally making the sleeping environment more comfortable. There are many options canopies, let’s choose to your taste.
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A cozy conversation. Andrey Pavlenko

Andrey Pavlenko – artist and decorator, creator of handmade jewelry and decor. I met Andrey on the television, he was our art director, and implemented a lot of his and our wildest ideas. We visited him at his home where there is incredible creative atmosphere!
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Fashion inspiration. A light breeze in the bedroom

Sky and sea give us various shades of blue. Bedroom in such gentle tones will allow to fully relax and gain strength. Light walls with molding, deep blue accents on the cushions, white sand and pebbles shades on the headboard. This story complement silver table lamp and rough nightstands.

(1) Table lamp – Anthropologie
(2) Headboard – Pottery Barn
(3) Walls with molding and paint – Sanderson, shade Bonton
(4) Bed linen – Toast
(5) Decorative cushion – Amy Sia
(6) Vase with relief pattern – Zara Home
(7) Nightstand – Smartfurniture

Source of the fashion photoshoot

A cozy conversation. Natalia Sazonova

Natalia Sazonova – Web-Editor of the magazine AD Russia, shares her passion for design with all around. She told us about her attitude to home. I wanted to share this inspiring chat a long time ago, and now is the opportune moment. At the same time, I drew a couple of sketches of interiors as illustrations to our chat.
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Eva and Alex.
Renovating our first apartment. Draw illustrations. Raising a boy.
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