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Freehand. Peacock Сhair

This gorgeus chair with a back resembling a peacock’s tail called the Peacock Chair. Its origin is not known, but there are many legends. Its home is the Philippines. This is outdoor furniture, but often it stands in the interiors. It is made mostly of rattan and vines. Braided pattern varies from simple to the most intricate shapes. Originally natural colors, but today you can find it in bright colors: yellow, pink, sky blue, and of course, black or white.

The Peacock Chair began to conquer the world in the late 19th century. And in the 60s-70s it became the symbol of Bohemia and the sexual revolution. It often was used in the erotic photo shoots and films, such “Emmanuelle”. It was a favourite seat of the heroine Morticia Addams from the TV series “The Addams Family”, played by Carolyn Jones. Often the chair is used in fashion photography, wedding and celebrity photo shoots.










This chair attracts all the attention. It brings boho spirit and festive mood in the every home. Fans of the Bohemian style is not to do without it, but also it looks great in the modern empty interiors. Today you can find, in addition to the vintage originals, many analogues for every taste of rattan or synthetic fibers. Looking for manufacturers specialized in wicker garden furniture. Here are just a few options:


(1) Hospitality Rattan Peacock Chair Buri;
(2) Rattan Wicker Fan Back “Emmanuelle” Peacock Chair;
(3) Crinoline chair by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia;
(4) Peacock White Chair by The Family Love Tree;
(5) Peacock Black Chair, also aqua and yellow colors;
(6) Peacock Accent Natural Chair from One Kings Lane;
(7) Cala Armchair by Doshi Levien for Kettal.

The sketch painted by me.
Click on the picture to find out its source.

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