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How to avoid mistakes in the repair and construction of house?

We have tried to collect for us a list of the most important things to remember when you are going to make repairs or build a new home. It’s not possible to save from all errors, so let this be a short list-memo for designers and for those who make home repair yourself. Also the post gave me a nice reason to practice my skills in the sketch. I am not English-speaker, so please forgive me for my mistakes.


Budget is everything. It is important to make correct calculations in advance, to take into account the high future costs. It is sad to begin, for example, with a spontaneous purchase of the sofa, to which then have to buy a more suitable carpet, to which as it turns out will need new flooring, to which will have to repaint the walls. It is useful to set yourself a specific task and to evaluate your real opportunities. In the future it will help to get rid of unpleasant surprises and delays in repairs. Therefore, full-fledged project is so important where pre-thought out every detail: layout, lighting, furniture, decoration.


Country (area)
It is important to remember, where is the housing you are going to renovate or build. Each country has its own rules for the construction and their quaint customs and usages. For example, there are areas where the houses should look similar and don’t stand out from each other from the landscape.
In English TV show “The Grand Design” you can see how people restore or build their own houses which is in another country.

At all times the climate had a significant impact on the types of buildings. In hot countries did everything to escape the burning heat of the sun, in the North – from the bitter cold. It is necessary to know are there in the area natural anomalies such as earthquakes, tornadoes or floods?

Space planning

Is it possible to change the layout of the walls if necessary? You should know replanning rules. Lighting, electrical and other communications directly depend on planning decisions walls and furniture. No one in the end doesn’t want to read the book in a dark corner or to suffer trying to reach the outlet to plug in the laptop. Also people should be comfortable to move between the chairs and tables. The sofa should not suddenly appear from behind a corner and the coffee table should not put the bandwagon.


Ergonomics affects the comfortable life of the person in the room. The dimensions of the room and furniture should be correlated with the proportions of a person. On the kitchen and in the bathroom especially a lot of subtleties. You need to deliberately decide such questions as: convenient height kitchen table or ironing board, convenient height of shelves and hangers, the correct height of the sink, the ability to open the cupboard located in the hallway.

The type and purpose of the room
We have a list of 40 spaces, where in addition to the usual kitchen or bedroom there is a room for torture, server room and room for yoga. Ask yourself what you will do in this room? Often there is a combination of several types in one room: kitchen + dining room, kitchen + living room + home office, bedroom + bathroom + dressing area, cellar + server room.
For each room type there are certain solutions for heating, lighting, ventilation or insulation. For home theater should pay attention to the wires and insulation. For the weapon room all attention should be directed to safety, alarm system and protection. Besides, a good noise insulation taken away some area and it is also important to remember.

It is important to observe the rules of fire safety and waterproofing to avoid flood the neighbors or a fire in the apartment. Finishing materials and coatings should be chosen based on their degree of fire and water resistance. The higher, the better.

Natural light
Need to consider the location of the room on the sunny or the shady side. The layout of furniture, lighting and color scheme depend on the amount of sunlight. Ensure that the materials and the upholstery is not fade with time.

Pets and kids
Do not forget about the little ones. Whether they exist comfortably in your house? Are you ready for the fact that they will damage furniture, carpets, wallpaper? Cats need to sharpen their claws, some species of parrots die from drafts.


Finishing materials, furniture and textiles

Durability and longevity
It is useful to know what materials mad finishings and furniture. The finishing materials has its own parameters on the wear resistance. Therefore for places in the room where it will be the high passableness and the activity of the day to choose stronger materials will be better. This is especially true of the floors.
Nothing is durable, so you need to study the properties of the materials you chose and to know how they change over time. Some materials get more beautiful with age like leather and wood. But not everyone likes these changes.

Make sure several times that favourite sofa fits into the room and the cupboard can easily be dragged through the doors. As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once.

Will the cornice to support the curtains? Will the floor to withstand the tub or column? Will the wall to support tile or shelf? Should be aware of the stuff weight before loading them into the house.

Look and color in daylight and in artificial light
Shades of paints, Wallpaper, and upholstery look different under different light. Before you choose them, you should try to assess in advance their views in daylight and in artificial light. Different bulbs produce different colors. It’s the same thing to do a day makeup with the incandescent lamp.

The required care and practicality
Different tree species require a certain percentage of humidity. Therefore, it is helpful to have a humidifier that the flooring didn’t go. But the technique can kill due to high humidity. Marble, carpet, white trim need special care. Are you ready for such difficulties and costs?

For now that’s all. Perhaps you will have something to add. Share your thoughts and ask questions in the comments.

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