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Our road trip to St. Petersburg – Veliky Novgorod – Valday

With the advent of David our trips became not very frequent, and of course, not very far. But when our good friend invited us to a wedding in St. Petersburg at the end of may, we immediately decided to go. But only at night because our son was almost 9 months at that time and he could sweet sleep in the car. Fantastic sunrise was the reward for a night ride.


St. Petersburg met us with blooming lilac, sun, and a cool wind. Rented apartment met us with the lack of comfort, lots of extension cords and only two working outlets. But on the wedding day Petersburg gave its typical weather. And grey grey sky. Unexpectedly, the wedding moved to the water bus and we rode around the canals, enjoying the beautiful views and architecture.


To the zoo we went with the hope that David would be interesting in animals. But how wrong we were! At that age he was interesting in the people around mostly. Also, we watched as the lion had a brunch with a good appetite. It was quite a sight. Also, we met “David’s Deer”. And was amazed by marmosets who were at arm’s length and walked on their own outside cells.



Also we visited the Pavlovsky Park and spent there wonderful time. The Emperor Paul I got it as a gift from his mother Catherine II, and his wife Maria Feodorovna led agriculture here. This is the Landscape Park when after popular strictly planted and manicured gardens parks become more natural and wild, sometimes untouched. It is located on the banks of the Slavyanka river and its territory is about 600 hectares. We managed to pass only a small part of it, but the met squirrels which is very amused David.









The route back home we desided to drive through Novgorod to make a couple of stops and see places we have never been, but had heard. In Veliky Novgorod we saw the rare monuments of old Russian architecture, which have survived due to the fact that the city was not exposed to the Mongol invasion. Even though they are in disrepair this gives them a certain fragility, in each element preserved history.

St. Sophia embankment charmed us with its beach, and the fort admired for its monumentality. A little further is a very futuristic building from a different time or even dimension – the theatre of Drama Dostoevsky by architect Somov. From the incredible heat that hit suddenly, we were saved by the shadow of foliage and fountains.






Valday we saw deserted. Only in the center near the cafe a small group of young people were noisy. In the evening sun Valday lake was very blue. This town was once famous for masters cast the bells. We were here for a short time and then drove off. We arrived home only at the next morning. Tired, but happy!





Photos and video made by us.

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