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Rostov black pottery

In Rostov there are workshops of black-glazed pottery. It’s pretty ancient folk craft.

We ordered small birds-whistles as gifts for our wedding guests. Ordered 60 pieces, also taking a couple of another figurines and a jug for flour with a lid for my mom.


Originally clay has bright earthy color, but after roasting products acquired this interesting black with a metallic luster color and it seems that they are made of metal. I really like their natural and original look, but then some of them covered with matte glaze and painted.




Our birdies glazed and painted too. We decided that this option will be more fun and understandable to the majority. In the photo below in the first row you can see both versions birds nearby.


Rostov is a very small town, there are no high-rise buildings, mostly private houses.




But there is a small Park with a beautiful view of lake Nero! We were here in the early morning. Just imagine: no one is around, the fresh air and the sun, nice music and beautiful view of the spacious lake! We loved it here.



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