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Design Digest. July 2018

The past month was “hot” for the events in the world of design, and we decided to publish everything that was not included in our issues in the Telegram channel. This is a digest for July, in which we will talk about a house for a disabled dog, about tables and lamps made of marble, about a garden inside a house, about furniture from an industrial designer, about an apartment in Moscow and about a small house in the San Francisco Bay area.
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Design Digest. June 2018

The first month of summer flew by. Someone on vacation, someone is resting.
And we choose the best that has happened in the past month in the world of design and share with you. This is a digest for June in which we will talk about candy lamps, about a pasta chair, about a chair for knitting, about rust in glass, about a changeable restaurant, about an old mansion of the 19th century and about a Belgian house of the 20th century.
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Design Digest. May 2018

Over the past month, there have been many developments in the design world, including the Venice exhibition and exhibition in New York. We’re tired of choose because it is impossible to tell about everything. This is a digest for May, in which we will talk about the charity of field studies, about the spirit of the city and the pop-up showroom, about the barn house, about the acceleration of gravity on the surface of the moon, about the charming hand-drawn wallpaper and about the elegant apartment in Moscow.
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Design Digest. April 2018

This is a digest for April in which we will talk about a ocean memories frozen in marble, about the lighting of public places in Paris, about the hotel in San Francisco designed by Kelly Westler, about the renovated “monastery” on St. Vincent place in Melbourne, about the metro station with David Bowie and sneakers made of chewing gum.
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Design Digest. March 2018

This post and the video came out so late, because we had the flu (three times in one month). Despite the fact that all work was paralyzed, we found the strength and chose the most interesting events in the world of design. This is a digest for March in which we will talk about a house in a concrete shell, about a new material from desert sand, about “unconscious forms”, about vases, about a hotel in Paris and a house in Los Angeles.
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Design Digest. Febrary 2018

Every month happens a lot of interesting events in the world of design. We choose the most interesting and share with you. This is a digest for February, in which we will tell about silver mirrors, about origami in design, about house-egg and house-garden, about a lawyer’s apartment and showroom in Elvis’s house.
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5 iconic chairs

In the world of design, as in the fashion world, there are icons of design, that don’t lose their popularity for many decades. We chose 5 chairs, which today are very common in interiors. The secret of their eternal popularity in thoughtful design, versatility and simplicity. Each of them feels great in homes, cafes, offices and other public places around the world. We’ll tell you who, when and why created them.
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Design Digest. January 2018

In the world of design, thousands of events occur daily. We choose the most interesting, and share with you. This is the digest of design for January in which we will talk about: a minimalist house in Israel, A-shaped house in Hollywood, a new industrial hotel in New York, a surrealist pavilion at the Dior show, a new collection of furniture by Nendo, and vases from the Russian designer. Watch about all of this in our new video, or read below.
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The most interesting in architecture and design in 2017

In this post we gathered the most interesting of that happened in the world of design for the rich 2017 year. We will tell you about the meaning of color, architectural trends, the most grandiose projects, and the most striking interiors. You can look at all this in our first video-release, or read below. Happy viewing and reading!
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iSaloni Worldwide Moscow 2017

The iSaloni is one of the most ambitious exhibitions dedicated to the interior and furniture design. It held every spring in Milan and showcases the new ideas and technologies. Everyone knows about the seasonal fashion weeks which held in the big cities. Similar events exist in the world of design too, and iSaloni is one of the most significant.

Moscow iSaloni was held in October. It is much smaller in volume than in Milan, but I was pleasantly surprised after visiting it. Professionals will not find anything new here, but it is a quality exhibition to showcase the trends in design. In the exhibition it was difficult to make good shots, and some of the pavilions were forbidden to photograph. But something we’ll show you.
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