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A cozy conversation. Talita Rubinho

Talita Rubinho – founder and designer of handmade jewelry Evna out of minerals. She told us about her home, favorite place and things, about the simplicity and naturalness. Enjoy her story and beautiful home!

My home is one of the most important things to me, it is my temple, the place where I can rest, my refuge. The place that I most love to be.

My home is always filled of plants, they’re all over the place, everywhere! There is a small garden, that is my jewel.


I love to spend time at home, actually it is my favorite thing to do… I prefer to stay in than go out to crowded places in this crazy city (I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil). I love to stay at home whatching Netflix, listing to music while I’m cooking, drinking a wine. I work by home also, so I love to spend my time at the home office as well.

My favorite place at home is the living room, which is integrated with the dinning room. There is no television in this room, which makes the total difference in the way that we end the day and simple sit on the sofa to talk or listen to music. It also makes difference when we receive friends for a dinner, for example. It is the most big room of the house and the most cozy one also! 🙂


My favorite things at my home, beside the plants of course lol, are the wood work of my twin sister Gabi. You can see her art at her instagram. She is an artist and her art is all over at the home. I have a several wood stuff. 🙂

I believe that what make my home cozy is the mix of textures and neutral colors, which makes me feel more focused and relaxed. The wood makes everything to look more cozy too.


Well, my family’s traditions are to many like every brazilian family. And one of those is making some fresh coffee and some cake and have it always on the table all day long for bit small pieces across the day lol. Also there is the traditional friday’s menu here in my home, which is Risotto and wine.

Here in Brazil, most of the houses are always very colorful, with really strong colors like pink, red, yellow. But for decorating our home, we prefer to go with more neutrals colors and easy furniture.



My home have flavors of coffee, beer, and fruit, a lot of it!

Should be in every home: life! You often go to some houses where you don’t see life going on you know? It must to have people, family, a messy kitchen full of good food being prepared, and should have pets! 🙂

My childhood home were a really cozy home. I shared a room with my sister, which was a very healthy thing to learn about sharing and respect the other people’s space. It also have a large terrace with a barbecue kitchen, where we had lunch at the weekends. It was a very happy and such a beautiful place decorated very nice by my mom, who was always a fan of design.


My ideal home is a countryside home with a big garden and close to nature.

My favorite cozy place in my city is my home! hahaha

And my favorite cozy place in the world, probably should be some cold and beautiful place in some part of England. 🙂
I lived there, in the countryside, for one year and it is my ideal of a cozy place.





Photos from Talita.

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