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A cozy conversation. Andrey Pavlenko

Andrey Pavlenko – artist and decorator, creator of handmade jewelry and decor. I met Andrey on the television, he was our art director, and implemented a lot of his and our wildest ideas. We visited him at his home where there is incredible creative atmosphere!

– How much is your home important to you?

– It is a training base and the experimental laboratory of the decor, my canvas and my lair, “the island” in the ocean. After major projects – physical need to “lay low”.

– Do you like spending time at home?

– I would prefer not to go out for weeks, I always have things to do.

– What’s your favorite place at home?

-It is a desktop, I have two. One of them is the kitchen table, love my cooking. Especially good casserole at the village cheese.

– What’s your favorite object at home?

– It is old clothes brush. I wash the dust of the my newly acquired “artifacts”.


– What are your favorite things to do at home?

– To walk around naked.

– What makes the home cozy? What do you like to decorate your home?

– The human himself makes the home cozy: owner is cosy – and the home is pulled up. Objects with character, mostly handmade high quality without feigned hypocrisy and lies. With soul. There are “offended”, but with a good “pedigree”, they can “talk” and they will “forgive”. They can’t be offended by people for a long time. Unless the mirrors, but they just need time.

– Do you like to walk-in guests? To take in guests?

– Love everything. Used to take the amount: wanted, went and bragged about. Now moved on to the quality, it turns out to brag is indecent.


– When you visiting someone at home what you notice most often?

– What’s the person inside that is and outside. When I visit someone I immediately begin to move furniture, friends have become accustomed. After my departure they return all into place but understand that all not the same now.

– What in your opinion should definitely be in every home?

– Hard mattress and healthy body rested for the night and ready to work and exploits.

– What things do not necessarily have to be at home?

– Dust.

– Do your family have any home traditions?

– Christmas in the village under a huge 25-metre fir tree.


– Do you know interesting home traditions, maybe other countries?

– Throwing old things out of the house – you can find many interesting for yourself!

– Tell about your childhood home?

– It was inhabited by spirits. My room was in the depths of the house. At night when I got up to the toilet, I had to go through all the rooms: hall, library – it was converted from a storeroom by parents. Through the floorboards hellish light came in the night if someone has forgotten to turn off the basement light. Next was the dining room with creaky floors. And the last test – before kitchen the huge dark window to the floor staring at the old garden.


– Did you dream in childhood about your own home?

– No, i didn’t. I was sure that it always will: home, garden, huge window.

– What should smell the home? The smells of your home?

– I’ll tell what it’s not should smell: of mold, dampness and most importantly – medicines.

– What is your ideal home?

– It’s a house on the riverbank or ocean with lots of light rooms and dark secret staircases in the casemates and the observation towers.







Photo portrait – Marina Shchankina
Interior photos are made by us.

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  1. Виктория 04.09.2015  Reply

    Очень здорово. И сама люблю вещи с историей, с родословной.

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      Очень рады, что вам понравилось.

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      Очень рады, что тебе понравилось, Варвара!


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