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A cozy conversation. Anh N

Anh N – artist and a mother from Australia, talks about home, cakes, kilims, dreams, and happiness. Enjoy her stories and humor, the cosy and inspiring corners.

– How much is your home important to you?
Home to me is the intimate spaces between friends and family and neighbours. I’m not bothered about the physical structure or location – home is where the heart is! 🙂 And very important, because making a home and feeling at home are not really things that happen by chance, I think. I’ve called many places my home, and feel very comfortable with that; Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Glasgow, Lappland in Finland and back to Australia in the Illawarra.

– Do you like spending time at your home and why?
Definitely a homebody! I feel replenished by being at home- reading, painting, hanging out, pottering around.



– Tell about your favorite place at home?
The lounge room – playing, talking. And then followed by the dining table – eating, talking! 🙂 I also do a lot of painting in the corner of the dining room, and often on the dining table, even though I’m lucky enough to have my own ‘studio’ downstairs. I want to be amongst the action!

– Tell about your favorite objects, stuff at home?
I really enjoy our kilims – wish I could say we picked them up in an exotic place under the desert skies, under the stars, whilst backpacking with tribes on camelback – but they were just purchased off eBay from Persian merchants in West Sydney. 😀 I also love to be surrounded by books, flowers on shelves, my children’s paintings…



– What makes the home cozy?
Comfortable places to sit, a well used kitchen, greenery, windows with a view to outside whatever it sees.

– Tell about home traditions in your family?
Is cake eating a home tradition?? We like to bake cakes a lot! We’re a vegan family, so often experiment with cake baking – though we have our favourites – Tea at Bea’s rich chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, mustikka pirakka (blueberry tart), carrot cake with cashew cream topping, sultana scones with fig jam. All with lots of cups of tea!


– What flavors are in your home?
A Nordic flavour, with Marimekko textiles, Finnish woven rugs & Moomintroll influence…our kilims…batik fabrics…cotton Italian couches (the most expensive furniture we’ve ever had, gifted by a neighbour!) My partner is an industrious woodworker and likes to reuse and upcycle wooden materials for furniture and other functional objects: wooden consoles, shelving, picture frames, chopping boards etc…

– How do you feels in domestic order or in mess at home?
Very good question – I feel like keeping the house in order is a constant battle – with 2 young kids, part time work and no interest in housework!! My only thing is that the dishes have to be done before the day is done. 🙂

– Do you know interesting home traditions, maybe in other countries?
I love the home traditions in Finland, and their connection with their environment and nature as part of daily life, whatever the season. They embrace the extremities. Also that it’s very inclusive at all levels in the family, whether it’s mushroom and berry picking, enjoying sauna, drinking coffee or cleaning windows!


– Did you dream in childhood about your own home? What you imagined then?
I often drew these incredibly palatial mansions with multiple stories, baroque balustrades, hanging plants, peacocks in the garden. Basically, a palace! Although I didn’t want to be a princess, I just wanted this incredible house where there was a different room for every night.

-Tell about your favorite cozy place in the city or in the world?
Before we had kids, we lived on the 4th level in a tenement apartment block in Glasgow, with huge windows. There was a velvet teal couch and a massive hand knitted lap blanket, where we’d sit and listen to records & read. It was extremely mouldy and probably drafty, and I’d be sneezing all the time, but we called it home. 🙂 I have to say that where I live now is absolute magic – the Illawarra region in Australia, which is on the south coast and surrounded by escarpment. Every day when I open the curtains and see the sea and all the trees – happy!!




Photos from Anh and from her Instagram

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