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A cozy conversation. Ksyusha Trunilova

Ksyusha Trunilova – founder of the design school Bohemica, designer of handmade jewelry and clothing NUONE. She shared with us how she found her own home, what it’s filled with. And told about the importance of the home, about communication between it and owner. Also, you can read about her magical traditions and values.

– How much is your home important to you?
What a subtle first question! Frankly, I wonder of it extreme a few years and only now were able to get closer to the truth. I was born in Ufa, in the wonderful city with its national fleur. This city has become an ideal place for to start by all means to develop creative beginnings. And at one point, making absolutely everything at development plan, I hit a glass ceiling which is an integral part of Ufa.

So I arrived in St. Petersburg, where I breathe, create and loves freely. In the city where, as I like to say, you can nest with pleasure. It is a place with slow harmonious rhythm of life, amid the huge number of opportunities for development, both creative and spiritual. But also, I have Prague. The city the mere mention of which makes my heart beat faster. I know that my soul was born there (I have always felt that, but a year ago it confirmed for me) and coming back to visit, I certainly filled with new, large, bright.

And so, having realized all the complexity and layering of the situation, and most importantly accepting the fact that the city of childhood will remain Ufa, a city to live in – Petersburg and the city for inspiration – Prague, I calmed down and on the eve of my thirtieth birthday I finally found home within myself.

– What filled your home?
Delicious fresh flavors, love and protection (both for us and for our guests), and of course lots of conversations about life, the cosmos, the creativity, the subtle planes and the connections between people.


– Do you like spending time at home and why?
I like being at home because everything is here. The bedroom, in which I can see interesting dreams and carry on most kind conversations in the world, the kitchen is a meeting place for native people, my studio – home where lives NUONE.

– What do you like to do at home?
If I full of physical strength I will work on projects or to dance. But if the strength not so much, I love cosy watching movies in the living room, which conveniently connected with the kitchen where you can cook something delicious.

– Tell about your favorite place at home?
They are all favorite, just fit for different moods.

– Tell about your favorite object at home?
It’s shower cabin. It’s a small substitute of sea (as I see it), and the sea is the place of my power.


– What makes the home cozy?
The home is filled with energy of people. And our home is cozy, because we fill it. Love it, carry on a conversation with it, accept protection and kindness of these walls. This is a very subtle process of co-configuration which requires work. However, when you feel unity with space, inside are incomparable sensations born!

– Tell about home traditions in your family?
My husband and I love to come up with various rituals as well as esoteric, festive, event, including full household and everyday. For example, Max always pours me a cup of tea if he’s at home and my tea becomes a special. Also, we set up different creatures (toys, figurines), give them names and engage in conversation. Friends know the names of all our personages and gladly play with us.

Also, there is a tradition of tea with special chocolate. It’s always a lot at home because we buy it ourselves, it’s bring and even send to us. There is still a tradition, when I ask one question to all: “The most magical moment of the day?”. The magic of this ritual is that in each day (even the heaviest) you can find one thing that gave you warmth. And the most important tradition of our home: no one needs to go to bed sad, so if it is necessary, we recycle troubles and leave memories of them in the past day.

– What do you prefer for decorating your home?
We have a lot of candles and we often light them, also the garland hanging in the wall in my studio.

– What flavors are in your home?
Fresh, sea.

– How do you feels in domestic order or in mess at home?
I love when the home is clean, but the cleaning process greatly exhausts me and, to be honest, it is not easy for me. I start cleaning not because I see the mess but because something pulls me out of thought and I suddenly begin to realize that it’s time. So I might work in cluttering, clearing a small plot for myself. I don’t see the rest at this point because I arrive somewhere far away. But we trying to not to go to extremes and are cleaned every day by a little bit.

– Do you like to walk-in guests? To take in guests?
I don’t like to walk-in guests because of my strong employment and introverted, but I love to take in guests. It depends on my mood. Because I work from home and sometimes I just simply more important to go visit myself. )))

– When you visiting someone at home what you notice most often?
The smell. Because for me it is the most important of all those things constituting the universe. I can tell pretty much by the smell. And if it’s not mine – people most likely aren’t mine.


– What in your opinion should definitely be in every home?
It is important to understand that the home is a little more than just the place where we sleep and eat. The home is within ourselves, the home is the walls that protect us, the home is the land on which we were born and live. What to let in home, what to say and what actions to take – the decision is left to the person.

– Do you know interesting home traditions, maybe in other countries?
I know that in Italy throw out the furniture (probably) in the new year, in America (and maybe in Europe too) it is customary to wait for all participants of the meal before you begin eating. Generally, I’m not interested in this question deeply but it’s interesting.

– Tell about your childhood home?
It was a small “Khrushchev-era” apartment but it was insanely comfortable. I was 2 when I remember myself there. And yet the apartments both grandmothers. The smells, sounds and tastes of childhood are bottled at such a pace in my heart when I remember them.

– What is your ideal home?
The one that is inside me, I found it about a year ago. The one outside – immediately found and also became my ideal.

– Tell about your favorite cozy place in the city or in the world?
I have one visualization that I find the most comfortable. Sometimes I go back there. So, it is the side of the sea, there deserted and very sunny, I lay on the sand wrapped in a white blanket. And only uncovered feet in the water.

Photos by Ksyusha.

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