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A cozy conversation. Natalia Sazonova

Natalia Sazonova – Web-Editor of the magazine AD Russia, shares her passion for design with all around. She told us about her attitude to home. I wanted to share this inspiring chat a long time ago, and now is the opportune moment. At the same time, I drew a couple of sketches of interiors as illustrations to our chat.

– How much is your home important to you?

– Almost eleven years I have lived with relatives, friends and in rental apartments. Just recently we bought an apartment and I am happy that I no longer need to depend on landlords, to constantly be in search of, packing bags, to live in rhythm “from pillar to post”. My own house gives me confidence in the future, stability and calm. Only at home I rest from people, from the city, from the outside world.

– Do you like spending time at home?

– Yes, because I’m an introvert and appreciate silence, solitude and peace.

– What’s your favorite place at home?

– Work Desk by the window. I love to work, love the Internet, love to sit and not lie down. And don’t like artificial light – try to be closer to the sun.


– What’s your favorite object at home?

– Armchair! Firstly, it is intended only for you in comparison with a sofa. It’s soft, compact, and cozy in contrast to the chair. And thirdly, armchair – a favorite piece of furniture among designers: they never tire of inventing new forms and functions. The range is incredibly diverse.

– What are your favorite things to do at home?

– To carry out general cleaning, throw junk, rearrange the furniture. And to work at the computer.

– Do you like to walk-in guests? To take in guests?

– I don’t like to take in guests, but I love to walk-in guests. I’m always interested in how others live, which interiors do they live, at which tables they have dinner, what are the beds they sleep, why the chair is exactly here? Truthful portrait of the owners is the sum of all these little things.

– What in your opinion should definitely be in every home?

– I think it’s a toilet, shower and bed. Healthy sleep and a clean body – the key to a great day. But breakfast you can have in a cafe.

– What things do not necessarily have to be at home?

– If talk about the furniture in my apartment at the moment only a bed, a table, couple of chairs and a small wardrobe: the less furniture – the easier it is to breathe. However, would not refuse from the bookcase.


– What is your ideal home?

– The ideal home… Loft, Yes. Last floor, entrance from the elevator, no walls and huge windows. I advise to watch the movie “The Interview” 2006, where the main character of Steve Buscemi visits the character of Sienna Miller to ask her a few tricky questions for the interview. The apartment in which she lives – that’s my ideal.

– Do your family have any home traditions?

– Oh yeah, it’s general cleaning))) every Saturday and before the New year. This rule brought my grandmother who, despite her health, always! every Saturday woke up at 6 a.m. to put the house in perfect order. Bath, pans and carpets are sparkling. Here it is happiness!

– Do you know interesting home traditions, maybe other countries?

– I know only Italian habit to throw things out the window. It is very close to me, but now it is impossible: under my windows are a pharmacy and a Bank, and there is always a lot of people.

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