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A cozy conversation. Sara Pavao

Sara Pavao from New Jersey told us about her lovely home, treasures, and inspiration of nature. You can consider a very long time the interiors of her house, there are so many interesting details, plants, pottery and macrame. The beautiful bohemian mood!

Sara Pavao

My home is my sanctuary, a place for retreat and so it is so important for me to create a space that feels like a special oasis.

My home is filled with eclectic treasures that I have been collecting for years. I enjoy objects that have a story, a history or that are sculptural. If I have traveled somewhere I love to bring home a piece of that place to remember the journey. I also adore art and have many pieces by artists I know personally. I love surrounding myself with things created by others. Handmade objects are especially special for me as I have been making pottery for years. My home is also filled with pottery I have made over the years. I recently started making woven macrame wall hangings and plant hangers to sell on Etsy. So again my home has a lot of macrame elements in it. I love the natural texture it gives to the spaces.


I love to layer textures and patterns, mix metals and natural materials. I really love to use nature as inspiration so you will find a lot of wood and soft animal skins. I also love to reuse things and give it a new purpose. I have been known to take furniture that was put out to the trash and fix it up for our home. Plants are huge decorating element in my home. They bring so much life in the house.

Oh I don’t know if there is a particular name for the style of our home but maybe eclectic would be the best description. I feel like I have found others with similar styles and they use the word “bohemian”.


My favorite place at home is probably my dining room because most of my plants are in there and the light is so wonderful. It feels so peaceful to sit in my hanging swing and enjoy the plants and light. I also spend so much time in our living room and with all of the textiles and pillows on the couches it is so cozy and comfortable.

My favorite objects are the ones with a history and natural feel. My coffee table is probably my most prized piece of furniture. I searched for a coffee table made from a tree for a very long time. Most are a small fortune and out of my price range. I found this one on eBay very cheaply and had it shipped to our home. I also adore my peacock chair. There is such a bohemian feel to it and a special gracefulness that is like no other chair in my home. Although I also adore the hanging chair in the dining room. I was obsessed with finding a hanging chair and this one is vintage and had been used as a baby cradle in the 1970s. I love that bit of history.


I am a mom and having two school age boys can be a challenge to having an orderly home. I have to be flexible with the messes they make and am trying to teach them how to clean up so they grow into adults that can keep an orderly home. It’s ironic that I try to keep messes to a minimum because in my younger years (20s) I was not interested in keeping my home orderly. I don’t think I made my bed for ten years although I don’t love to admit that. Now I have a sort of discipline that the bed must be made and the kitchen and living room need to be straightened before leaving for the day. I just love coming home to a house that isn’t a mess.


I am definitely not known for my cooking but I do believe that a family sitting down to a home cooked meal is really important. My favorite type of meal is grilled with fresh ingredients from our garden in the summer.

My ideal home would be one that is filled with light and a lot of natural elements like wood and stone. I do wish my home was larger to give my favorite things more room to “breathe”. Everything does feel a little crowded but I have a hard time taking out elements because I love everything too much.


My favorite place really is my home. I did travel to Europe in my teens and I would so love to go back as an adult but I love my home so much that I am content to be an “armchair traveler” and live vicariously through others’ travels. I also love to be in the woods near water. Something about being among the trees and the flowing water is so calming and beautiful to me. There is so much to learn from nature and so much beauty to look at.





Photos from Sara.

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