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A symbol of fertility

Skulls of bulls and cows often decorate the interiors. I always wondered what they mean, because even for me they are a bit gloomy. And recently while studying architecture I found the term: bucranium – ornament in the form of skulls of bulls and rams which since ancient times decorate the temples and tombs in many cultures. The bull is a symbol of spring and fertility and also power. Gods and kings was often depicted with a bull’s horns. The skull of a bull with its horns very similar to the shape of the female uterus. Also, it reminds us about the impermanence of life.



Everyone makes some kind of sense in this element, but the idea of fertility I really like because recently we became parents to a beautiful little son! This new state quite indescribable and takes us on the another side of life. With the birth of your child you really grow up, you feel a real woman. We get tired and no time to do anything and we just enjoy our baby and feel an endless stream of tenderness and love to him.
So what feelings do you have for this home decor?








The illustration to the post drawing by me.
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