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Art, wallpaper and textile by Bethany Linz

Bethany Linz – an artist from Australia who creates beautiful botany art, wallpapers, and textiles. In this years, her most known design The Great Shalimar was showcased as a trend setter on the Maison & Object in Paris. She told us a little about the inspiration, work, and the main at home.


– Who or what inspires you?
There is simply nothing more beautiful and perfect than a plant and its flowers. Artists and designer have always been inspired by them, they create natural patterns on their own that can make our jobs easy. I think people are always trying to bring nature inside, by having a vase of flowers and indoor plants, so I think installing a wallpaper with patterns of plants is another way of creating that atmosphere. I think thats also why my green botanical wallpaper, textiles and Art are the most popular.

– What home do you imagine working on wallpapers and textiles?
I love everything thats old and and enriched with culture, I’m currently working with the owner of Bronte House in Sydney on some artwork for the old Victorian estate, this house is a perfect example of what I think of when I design my collections. It is full of history, culture and its style which is very British India is perfect for my wallpaper and art. This house has gardens that take a team of people to maintain and it shows, its like stepping back in time while walking through them.

– What makes a home cozy?
To me a home must have flowers, art, books and a dog :-). The flowers create a feeling of the outdoors coming inside, making the house feel fresh (thats important in hot summer days in Sydney). Art creates colour, texture and of course beauty. Books create imagination and nostalgia. But all this without a dog (or a cat if you are a cat lover) wouldn’t feel complete, for if they were not at the door squealing with excitement when you came home from work, how empty and lonely the house must feel!




Photos from the Bethany website.

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