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Christmas cards 2015

So here came the last month of this year. And very soon the holidays, some Christmas cheer and gifts. Every year I come up with a series of Christmas cards for friends and family. The choice of composition takes a while, so this time I decided to work on the cards in advance, because I knew that the appearance of our baby will turn on head all my plans.
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Wall decor for kitchen

Recently we decided little bit to transform the kitchen in our temporary dwelling. For this I created wall decor of pheasant feathers. Later they will move into our new home. Below I share with you how I did it.
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Girls and flora again

Continue my creative way. Today some of my last drawings. Girls and flora as always.
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This is my small collection of portraits people I met on Instagram this summer. It all started with Angel @icehotel, I could not resist her photo which is filled of bright colors and positive. DJ Yabis @dreameurotrip apparently jokingly, asked to draw him too. They did this series of photos together and his pictures are full of bright tulips, so I painted his portrait with joy.
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From the wedding box

Perhaps every house have a Christmas box, i.e. a box with Christmas attributes. And now we have so-called the wedding box. It is quite large and contains all except of course suit and dress. Now I will show you what we are storing in it.
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Wedding invitations

We did invitations for our wedding by ourselves. We decided that a printed version wouldn’t so vibrant. I painted the flowers, Alex did the font, text and overall design. I tried different variants of the composition, but a color we chose immediately.
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Girls and flora

This summer is special for us. We’re preparing for our wedding. We try to resolve all wedding issues as soon as possible, because we want to calmly do other things, have a good sleep and don’t worry about anything. So we’re busy a pleasant chores.

Maybe that’s why I acquired a special love for flora and flowers this year?! I visit greenhouses, watch a lot of pictures with flowers, draw girls on the background of cacti and flowers. In this post I decided to gather all their recent drawings. I’m still looking my style of expression and, you know, this is a very enjoyable process.
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