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Russian contemporary studio KSceramics

One summer evening we walked around the neighborhood in our district and met the lighted showcase with a charming ceramic cups. Ksenia Shigaeva is their creator, she is a ceramist. We were in awe of what people live near us and we really wanted to meet with Ksenia. Soon we visited her in the studio KSceramics.
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Art, wallpaper and textile by Bethany Linz

Bethany Linz – an artist from Australia who creates beautiful botany art, wallpapers, and textiles. In this years, her most known design The Great Shalimar was showcased as a trend setter on the Maison & Object in Paris. She told us a little about the inspiration, work, and the main at home.
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Wooden crafts by Sveta Rybalko

Sometimes it happens that you begin to try something purely out of curiosity. But the process is so addictive that turns into a creative profession. So it is happened with Sveta Rybalko. One day she just bought a chisels and began to carve wood. Her crafts is unusual and heartwarming. Mainly the architecture inspires her. Walking through the old Moscow, she filled with new ideas for her future works. We invite you to be inspired by her wooden crafts.
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Woodlucker studio

Ann Wood and Dean Lucker – artists from Minneapolis who create paintings and sculptures of wood, paper and clay. Through their artworks they tell about rural life of America and other amazing stories, show their beautiful inner world. Some of the sculptures literally come to life – they are mechanical. We love to watch how they move and tell stories. We invite you to admire their works.
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Magical world of Nathalie Lete

This charming space belongs to Nathalie Lete – the artist who expresses in different directions: illustration, textiles, ceramics. In childhood she was very fond of fairy tales that so inspire her creativity. Wood elements, ceramic tile, rugs and cushions – all created based on sketches by Natalie. The neutral background of the walls and floor balances the poignancy and violence of folklore.
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Bridget Bodenham ceramics

Bridget Bodenham is a renowned Australian ceramist from Australia. She loves to work with clay since high school. She has her own workshop with pottery kiln, where she starts morning with cleaning tools. It helps her to gear up for work. She is inspired by nature around for the creation of mugs and plates. I suggest you to enjoy here distinctive objects. Do you like handmade ceramics?
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Rostov black pottery

In Rostov there are workshops of black-glazed pottery. It’s pretty ancient folk craft.
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Rifle Paper Wallpaper

The author of these wonderful Wallpapers Anna Rifle Bond. The artist with a unique style. The founder of the brand Rifle Paper Co. The company started as a small business, but for a short time became world famous. If you don’t already know about it, you will certainly fall in love with these illustrations of animals and flowers. Wallpapers were made together with Hygge & West.
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