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Illustrators about interiors. Elizabeth Barnett, Fumi Koike and others

I love the illustration, especially about domestic scenes and interiors. Below I will show you some contemporary artists whose works is very inspiring to me. They are all from different countries and their illustrations are a feature of the culture and environments that affect to them. Their attention to details, mood through colors and composition compel me to consider their pictures for a long time. I hope you’ll like them too. Enjoy!
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A cozy conversation. Sara Pavao

Sara Pavao from New Jersey told us about her lovely home, treasures, and inspiration of nature. You can consider a very long time the interiors of her house, there are so many interesting details, plants, pottery and macrame. The beautiful bohemian mood!
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Autumn. Make the kitchen cozy


Autumn is a time of household gatherings with friends, which many of us like to spend in the kitchen while it rains outside. In these days the kitchen warms you with its comfort emanating from the preparations for the winter, fragrant pastries, spicy hot soups and tea. This is a great reason to upgrade your kitchen and make it cozy in the autumn.
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How to design a ceiling. Stylish ideas

Neat white-washed ceilings are always a safe bet. But if you want something new, be willing to experiments! We have collected the most interesting and stylish ideas. Just remember, please: you need to consider the interior holistically to avoid imbalance and fragmentation. Choose simple designs and remember about the proportion. If you decide to do the ceiling as the main emphasis in the interior, everything else should stay more reserved and to support the concept of the ceiling. So, let’s go!
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A cozy conversation. Talita Rubinho

Talita Rubinho – founder and designer of handmade jewelry Evna out of minerals. She told us about her home, favorite place and things, about the simplicity and naturalness. Enjoy her story and beautiful home!
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Fashion inspiration. It’s summer!

Here come the summer! It is time of bright colors and impressions, sun and sea, fruits and ice cream. And when talk is about bright colors that immediately come to mind the 50-s and 60-s. The furniture of those times has soft rounded shapes, prints – geometric and bright. Dear readers, we congratulate you with the beginning of the summer and wish you to spend it carefree and very bright!
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A cozy conversation. Angel Trinidad

Angel Trinidad – editor, writer and content producer from Amsterdam who weekly shares her inspiration in Angel Magazine. Once I painted her portrait, and recently she told us about her home, workspace, favorite things, sweet treats, and about the importance of the individuality. Enjoy!
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The chic velvet

Velvet – amazing material! Also, it has always been associated with kingdom, wealth, chic and nobility. Radiance and pleasant soft texture of velvet attracted attention. It’s beautiful on the sofas, chairs, drapes, and even on the headboard of the bed. It manifests itself, especially in saturated colours: emerald, ruby, blue, purple. It even is ageing beautifully! Today, the velvet looks gorgeous in any space: in the classical interiors, in the loft, in the bedroom, and in the cafe.
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A cozy conversation. Anh N

Anh N – artist and a mother from Australia, talks about home, cakes, kilims, dreams, and happiness. Enjoy her stories and humor, the cosy and inspiring corners.
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A cozy conversation. Ksyusha Trunilova

Ksyusha Trunilova – founder of the design school Bohemica, designer of handmade jewelry and clothing NUONE. She shared with us how she found her own home, what it’s filled with. And told about the importance of the home, about communication between it and owner. Also, you can read about her magical traditions and values.
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