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iSaloni Worldwide Moscow 2017

The iSaloni is one of the most ambitious exhibitions dedicated to the interior and furniture design. It held every spring in Milan and showcases the new ideas and technologies. Everyone knows about the seasonal fashion weeks which held in the big cities. Similar events exist in the world of design too, and iSaloni is one of the most significant.

Moscow iSaloni was held in October. It is much smaller in volume than in Milan, but I was pleasantly surprised after visiting it. Professionals will not find anything new here, but it is a quality exhibition to showcase the trends in design. In the exhibition it was difficult to make good shots, and some of the pavilions were forbidden to photograph. But something we’ll show you.
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Our road trip to St. Petersburg – Veliky Novgorod – Valday

With the advent of David our trips became not very frequent, and of course, not very far. But when our good friend invited us to a wedding in St. Petersburg at the end of may, we immediately decided to go. But only at night because our son was almost 9 months at that time and he could sweet sleep in the car. Fantastic sunrise was the reward for a night ride.
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Tsytsin greenhouse

Recently my sister and I went to the Tsytsin greenhouse in Moscow. Love to visit such places, because among the abundance of plants and trees under a glass roof there is a feeling that you’re in another world. The greenhouse was more than I expected. Below are some photos we made together with my sister.
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Greek honeymoon

We have a funny travel story. It all started with the amazing Italy where we met the girls from Irkutsk. So then we travel to lake Baikal. There we had a great time and met two Germans and after a while visited their in Bavaria. But our honeymoon we spent on the Kos Island, Greece. In this post the story of our honeymoon trip and a little video at the end.
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Rostov black pottery

In Rostov there are workshops of black-glazed pottery. It’s pretty ancient folk craft.
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From the wedding box

Perhaps every house have a Christmas box, i.e. a box with Christmas attributes. And now we have so-called the wedding box. It is quite large and contains all except of course suit and dress. Now I will show you what we are storing in it.
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Wedding invitations

We did invitations for our wedding by ourselves. We decided that a printed version wouldn’t so vibrant. I painted the flowers, Alex did the font, text and overall design. I tried different variants of the composition, but a color we chose immediately.
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