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The Paris apartment

This is our new project, and this time we explored the features of the Paris apartments. The project was created for a wonderful woman which the youth raged in the 80-ies, and for her young nephew who came here to learn from the heartland. The apartment is pretty spacious but typically Parisian apartments is more intimate, two-story sometimes. Other features are small kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings and windows, herringbone parquet. The facades of Paris not to be confused with anything! Windows and balconies decorated with wrought-iron lattices. Shops and cafes located on the ground floor. Residential apartments located on the other floors.
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Apartment in England

My husband and I decided to explore features layouts of apartments and houses in different countries. And at the same time to create the design for it. And the first country that we have chosen is England. Typical apartment (townhouse) in the English residential area has its own entrance from the street, has two floors and rear patio. The facades are designed strictly in the same style,the interior of the apartment may look as tenants will want. Often from the entrance you get into the kitchen and then into the living room. On the second floor traditionally there are the bedrooms and nursery. About the English style in the interior I will write a separate post.
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Pink wall

In this project the space is unusual. During construction we suggested the owners to retain the living room double-height. It was decided to highlight one of the walls. We stopped on a pink tone. It was helped to liven up the space and make it more cozy. The lighting plan was worked out in detail. Wall lamps along the walls and stairs, wrought iron chandelier descends from the ceiling. We advised owners about the ceiling, furniture and finishing materials (paint, floor tiles). But the choice of upholstered furniture left behind by the owners. Caution, below pictures not only of the result but horror from the construction site!
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Apartment for the lawyer

This project for a business woman. When designing the apartments have been taken into account her the individual needs and lifestyle. We have combined kitchen with living room and wc with bath. We placed on the same axis three doors: the entrance door, the door in the corridor and the bathroom door. The project turned out mostly neutral and marine colors.
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Design of terrace

We’ve helped the photographer Tanya Surikova and her big creative family change the terrace. First of all they wanted to get rid of the yellow linings. So the walls, floor and ceiling were painted white. And now terrace is filled with pure light.
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