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How to design a ceiling. Stylish ideas

Neat white-washed ceilings are always a safe bet. But if you want something new, be willing to experiments! We have collected the most interesting and stylish ideas. Just remember, please: you need to consider the interior holistically to avoid imbalance and fragmentation. Choose simple designs and remember about the proportion. If you decide to do the ceiling as the main emphasis in the interior, everything else should stay more reserved and to support the concept of the ceiling. So, let’s go!
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New Year’s eve table decorations. 9 different moods

Magical New Year’s eve will happen very soon. And each of us wants to celebrate New Year in beauty. We think over the menu and prepare the beautiful gowns, the gifts are packed and waiting in the wings. The celebration will happen around the table, so we offer 9 stylish options for how to decorate New Year’s eve table. Each of them with a very different mood and you can choose what you prefer.
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DIY Christmas decorations ideas

Christmas tree, light garlands, tangerines and candles are the main attributes for a fabulous Christmas night. But what if you try something new? Here are some ideas that we really liked.
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The canopy over the bed

It’s time to think about the design of our new home. I love the canopies over the bed. Special attention I want to attract to the canopy which hangs just over the headboard. In this detail there is something touching that conditionally making the sleeping environment more comfortable. There are many options canopies, let’s choose to your taste.
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How to avoid mistakes in the repair and construction of house?

We have tried to collect for us a list of the most important things to remember when you are going to make repairs or build a new home. It’s not possible to save from all errors, so let this be a short list-memo for designers and for those who make home repair yourself. Also the post gave me a nice reason to practice my skills in the sketch. I am not English-speaker, so please forgive me for my mistakes.
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How to decorate stylishly your room?

Own room is a kind of self-portrait. As a child I had always shared a room with my sister and dreamed about my own until I began to live separately with my beloved. And some of my friends got his own room already on the threshold of adult life. So if you have your own room you are so lucky. Below I have compiled a small list of what would I have done in my own room as a teenager.
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Marble in the interior, and the care for it

I already wrote about my love to the minerals. So, in this article I would like to touch upon the subject about marble – a favorite stone since ancient times. It widely used in construction, created beautiful and elegant sculptures with it. Masters appreciate this material for its beauty, and for ease in use. When we were in Italy, admired the cathedrals in each city, their rich marble decoration both outside and inside. Today, the marble is still very popular, it is actively using in the interiors, imitates its texture on the fabrics, ceramics, and wallpaper.
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A room for yoga and meditation

I dream about an ideal place for yoga and meditation, where I can retire from the bothersome thoughts or just relax from routine and bustle. I have enough space in any corner of my house, but in the future I certainly will turn my dream into reality. I drew a sketch of how it will look my room for yoga and meditation.
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The interior of your dreams

Our blog is gradually filled and soon will be able to catch up with our Instagram. I like to keep a blog, this leads to self-development and helping to fix the received knowledge.

Sometimes people are in a state of confusion and they don’t know which the interior they would like to have in the home. Today’s tips will help you to choose the interior of your home.
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Minerals in interior

Minerals are my passion! Sometimes I little regret that I didn’t become a geologist. More and more wonder what a variety of minerals are on the our planet. I feel their energy. Each exhibit is unique and it’s unlikely that you will find similar minerals in the world. Nature is the most amazing artist.
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