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Chinoiserie or fantasies about a far land

The legends of Marco Polo and other fascinating histories of merchants about far and beautiful land as well as articles which they brought, gave birth in Europe of the XVIII century a passion for Chinese culture. And there was a Chinoiserie style, one of the branches of Rococo.



Porcelain, Wallpaper, silk, lacquer on wood – all this was first invented in China and was considered an expensive luxury. Europeans became so inspired that began to imitate and create products in the Chinese style, knowing nothing about the true culture of this country. England attracted the Indians for this.

Walls, lacquer furniture, vases and textiles were decorated by colourful gardens, flowers, birds, Chinese residents. Most of these were ceremonial living rooms, male rooms, boudoirs. Tea culture became popular and tea houses began to appear in the gardens. Famous masters of furniture of that time, inspired by China – Thomas Chippendale, the Martin brothers.

Almost nothing was known about the true life and art of China, so this style has very little in common with the real art of China and it is just the imagination of Europeans. But despite this you can long enjoy these products and interiors. About the true China style we will discuss in the next article.




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