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Christmas cards 2015

So here came the last month of this year. And very soon the holidays, some Christmas cheer and gifts. Every year I come up with a series of Christmas cards for friends and family. The choice of composition takes a while, so this time I decided to work on the cards in advance, because I knew that the appearance of our baby will turn on head all my plans.

I wanted to make the main characters of cards red-bellied bullfinches. But under the brush were born and other animals. I used materials: watercolors, black and white inks. Alex was so thrilled after each painted cards that I wanted more to paint. We love every of our cards.

New cards we decided to print small editions to see what comes of it. We do this for the first time, so cards is a one-sided and even without any signature. Now everyone can buy them.
Dimension: 105 х 148 mm
Paper and print type: 300 gr, laser printing
Price: 1 dollar + shipping

To order write to us on a mail: Payment methods has not so much now: PayPal or Yandex Money.

1. Bullfinch

2. Bunny

3. Cat

4. Owls

5. Foxes

6. Fox

7. Hedgehog

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