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Designer Benjamin Hubert

I really like these incredible form armchairs from London-based designer Benjamin Hubert. Honestly, I love every object created by him. Armchair, a lamp or a clock – all of his objects breathe a brilliant idea. He often makes a small discoveries in industrial design, thereby solving the issues of efficiency and simplicity of production, maximum functionality and reducing the weight of the object.

For example, the basis of the Pod armchair (on the right of the picture) made of pressed felts which created from recycled plastic bottles. Bright pillows created from recycled foam. High-back armchair (very English) provides a barrier from the hustle and bustle, making it incredibly comfortable.

Video about the production of armchairs Pod

Chair Garment (on the left of the picture) was invented for the famous Italian brand Cappelliny. The basis of the chair of polyurethane foam. The padding is more like a nice suit, made specially for the chair, which is easily removed and dressed, and attached with velcro.

Video of the chair Garment

Benjamin creates his objects without the aid of computer modelling. I like that. After sketches, all prototypes are created manually from scrap materials. I like the sketches of Benjamin, because you can to observe the thought of the master. His simple objects very attractive. It is pleasant to look at them.

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