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Home of Elizabeth

Recently I discovered the wonderful Elizabeth and her blog Delightfully Tacky, where she generously shares her style, thoughts, ideas, recipes and more. She loves her home and writes about how she and her husband Dan gradually equip it. In my opinion, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this home. The house is filled with inexpensive and vintage items or handmade items which radiate love.


The house was with the beige walls. In order to avoid boredom, one of the walls in the kitchen was repainted in lemon color. Elizabeth loves black walls with graphite coating, so these walls is almost every room. On these walls can be written in chalk your notes or draw love notes. Ordinary kitchen cabinets also have become more interesting thanks to graphite coating. Also, Elizabeth aren’t indifferent to the globes, and they are present in almost every room.

A living room. Coffee table is made by Elizabeth. She was inspired by creativity Ariele Alasko. The pile of old books with interesting patterns she got from her mother, who works in the school library. Hanging baskets of macrame is very useful, because it is more convenient to take care of plants. room room room room rooml room

In the bedroom Wallpaper is imitate wood, which gives the room a rustic flair and warm. Boring staircase of plywood was covered with a carpet. Decorative twig on the wall – a family heirloom. Near the headboard of the bed instead of tables are TV stands. The head of the bed was decorated with tassels and elements from the wedding Elizabeth and her husband. Above the head are not actually sconce, is a small table lamps. They took up maximum space on the tables, so Elizabeth tried to put them on the headboard.







This beautiful wall in the bathroom was painted by Elizabeth. This led her to creation of wallpaper.


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