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How to design a ceiling. Stylish ideas

Neat white-washed ceilings are always a safe bet. But if you want something new, be willing to experiments! We have collected the most interesting and stylish ideas. Just remember, please: you need to consider the interior holistically to avoid imbalance and fragmentation. Choose simple designs and remember about the proportion. If you decide to do the ceiling as the main emphasis in the interior, everything else should stay more reserved and to support the concept of the ceiling. So, let’s go!

To add texture and solemnity to the ceiling will help moldings and medallions, caissons. You can choose design for every taste, from minimalism to Rococo. Nice whitewashed to match the ceiling, but you can highlight it with a different color. Suitable not only for classic interiors but looks great in combination with modern design furniture. The quality of the material and execution is very important. The owners of the property with authentic plaster mouldings are real lucky! It is important to preserve and appreciate this beauty, because some people just hide it behind the plastic coverings.




Colored ceilings are pretty bold and interesting decision. The ceiling to match the walls creates a cozy, enveloping effect and visually expands the space, making it endless. Do not be afraid of deep dark shades, it is very stylish today. The ceiling may be a couple of shades lighter or darker than the walls. The ceiling becomes the main focus in the interior due to color or pattern. In this case, everything else needs to be restrained, in order not to overload the room. You can experiment with a patterns, stripes, and other geometric elements. For a nursery very good idea to turn the ceiling into the night sky with stars.






Wood – the most natural and warm material. For ceilings it can be a board, caissons, panels of different shapes, rails and beams. Bamboo will bring to the interior a little bit of Africa.





The ceilings lined with metal or mirrors are very stylish. Gold-plating adds warmth and coziness to the interior. Choose matte samples, but if the mirror – antiqued will be the best option. They will not mercilessly to break and multiply the space, and will retain its integrity. Avoid overly reflective and glossy materials, they make the interior very cheap!



Carved and latticed designs are original option for ceilings. It can be the Asian theme, modern geometric and more. Do not choose very complicated and fanciful options. Simplicity is the best! If you want more Asian, here is one more idea: try to create something like a tent made of textiles.



Another option – tiles. A very interesting is a metal tile: tin ceilings began to create in the Victorian era. They were painted in white to create the illusion of plaster moldings. Today there is some historical charm in this.

And finally, probably the most ambitious option – bare concrete on the ceiling. Neatly, it’s looks interesting in the modern minimalist interior. Gray color is the best for relaxing your eyes.



More ideas for the ceiling design you can find on our Pinterest in the board Seiling.

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