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How to decorate stylishly your room?

Own room is a kind of self-portrait. As a child I had always shared a room with my sister and dreamed about my own until I began to live separately with my beloved. And some of my friends got his own room already on the threshold of adult life. So if you have your own room you are so lucky. Below I have compiled a small list of what would I have done in my own room as a teenager.

Painting the walls in favorite color. Favorite Wallpapers.

Why not choose for your room some interesting color of the walls? There are delicate, subtle hues and vivid and bright. And it is also not necessary to paint all walls, you can highlight any one of them.

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Wall decor.

Not only posters and clocks can decorate the walls. Your own creativity can take its deserving place: composition of drawings and sketches, photos, embroidery and macrame. Your musical instruments can perfectly decorate the room. Also you can find or make funny masks from papier-mache.

Very inspiring process is to make moodboards for the month of favorite pictures and photos from magazines and the Internet, herbs and feathers. You can attach them on a special cork board using decorative tape and pushpins, as well as on the wall in a frames or without.

decorate your room

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String lights and candles.

String lights can be hung over desktop or over the bed. In the evenings they will create a special mood with your favorite music. Don’t forget about candles. Also there are salt lamps. They are not only cute but also useful for health.


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Pillows and blanket.

Choose the best for yourself.

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I wish you success in decorating your room!
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