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Illustrators about interiors. Elizabeth Barnett, Fumi Koike and others

I love the illustration, especially about domestic scenes and interiors. Below I will show you some contemporary artists whose works is very inspiring to me. They are all from different countries and their illustrations are a feature of the culture and environments that affect to them. Their attention to details, mood through colors and composition compel me to consider their pictures for a long time. I hope you’ll like them too. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Barnett

An artist from Australia whose works captures through picturesqueness, lots of potted plants, colorful carpets and vintage furniture. Artist’s website:

Fumi Koike

An artist from Japan. Her illustrations tell us about the serene daily life, very Japanese and meditative. The interiors are filled with air and silence. The blog of the artist:

Bodil Jane

An illustrator from Amsterdam whose works are very artistic and bright. They are so full of life, every inanimate object has its own character. The artist is very passionate about flea markets and antiques, so her illustrations have so much detail. The website of Illustrator:

Jonas Wood

An American artist from Los Angelis, who studied psychology before beginning to paint. His paintings are often about his life. He depicts interiors which he attended and in which he lived. Sometimes himself, his wife and children present on the pictures.

Yelena Bryksenkova

An artist originally from St. Petersburg, currently lives and works in New York. Her cozy illustrations tell us the stories about household and family with rich patterns and a lot of interesting details. Yelena’s website:


An artist from Canada whose watercolour paintings dazzle with details and lightness. Each illustration has its own special mood. Her works:

Do you like illustrations with interiors and everyday life? Any favorite artists? Please share with us.


the first illustration is painted by me.

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