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Apartment for the lawyer

This project for a business woman. When designing the apartments have been taken into account her the individual needs and lifestyle. We have combined kitchen with living room and wc with bath. We placed on the same axis three doors: the entrance door, the door in the corridor and the bathroom door. The project turned out mostly neutral and marine colors.


The walls in the entrance hall painted in pastel pink. Cement tiles on the floor with an ornament. Bright bench and vintage accessories is add the entrance hall the atmosphere of cheerfulness.


Living room is made in a more sophisticated and soothing colors. The upholstery sofa is a color of depths of the sea, and in the company to it dark azure chair. #деревянный# The wall behind the sofa is a structure made of wooden slats for 3D effect and game of light. Built-in shelving for books with decorative elements and handles in the shape of a plus sign. In tables and in lamps shimmers brass, as the glare of the sun on the waves.



Kitchen combined with living room. A compact dining table in the form of a window aperture with impressive wooden top. Colour-grade are also combined with living room, but the backsplash is brighter. The facade of the kitchen is white. Tile floor in the form of Christmas trees.



The bedroom is designed in a peach colors, but textiles is made in marine colors. On the floor of natural industrial carpet pleasant for feet. In the corner there is a small chair in a velvet upholstery and with brass legs. Chandelier is Italian, vintage.



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