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Marble in the interior, and the care for it

I already wrote about my love to the minerals. So, in this article I would like to touch upon the subject about marble – a favorite stone since ancient times. It widely used in construction, created beautiful and elegant sculptures with it. Masters appreciate this material for its beauty, and for ease in use. When we were in Italy, admired the cathedrals in each city, their rich marble decoration both outside and inside. Today, the marble is still very popular, it is actively using in the interiors, imitates its texture on the fabrics, ceramics, and wallpaper.

marble print



But first, I would like to draw attention to the fact where marble is mined because not everyone thinks about it. When I saw photos of the marble quarry, it made a great impression on me. Marble quarries and mountains are no less beautiful than in the interiors. The most famous quarry is, of course, in the Carrara, Italy. Also, there are the marble mountains, for example – in Karelia, near the village of Ruskeala, and in Da Nang, Vietnam. Often abandoned mine turned into theme parks. Manufacturing companies of the marble offer tours on the marble deposits. I dream one day to see them all.





The marble is consisting mainly of calcite with inclusions of the different minerals that gives the varieties of the colors to the marble. The pure white marble is rare. There are many types of the marble which are varying in the texture and in the strength, and other. It is important to keep on mind when you makes a sensible choice.





The marble has the crystalline and porous structure, and over the years, the internal connections are changes between the crystals. That’s amazing and reminds about the liveliness of the natural material, but marble requires constant caring attitude. However, it is not so difficult if you’re remember a few rules:

– once or twice a week to wipe the marble surface with a soft, slightly damp cloth, maybe with soap. Then you can polish it with a clean chamois or towel. There are anti-slip polishes for the marble floors;
– removes the dirt in the time – to prevent the output spots;
– do not to rub pollution in a surface;
– the absorbency of the marble is quite high, once a year is necessary to cover the surface of the impregnated or wax;
– use placemats and coasters to prevent stains and scratches;
– if the marble is on the hallway floor, be sure to have a mat for shoes at the entrance. It is protect the marble from the dust and the dirt from the street;
– for remove significant pollution use only special detergents for the natural stone. Funds with the acids or with the abrasives, and funds for ceramic titles will be ruins the marble. You should also remember about the origin of the spots. The pink stains (from wine, tea, tobacco) and mold you can remove with the ammonia, and with the hydrogen of the peroxide. The dark spots from the fat are removing with the starch. Also, the sun’s rays will can help to remove the stains.











The marble is expensive but you can always work something out: to imitate its texture with the paints, or to use the sticky film with the marble print. Through to these techniques you can give to the table or to the fireplace a most interesting look. Below is the video about the how to paint “faux” cararra marble:

As an additional offer inspiration I soggest to you to look at the works of the very talanted designer Kelly Wearstler. She is incredibly uses the different sorts of the marble and other beautiful stones in rhe projects. Her interiors are insanely inspires by the courage and beauty:






If you have any comments or have to add something, please to share with us in the comments.
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