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The mirror is one of the favorite subjects of decoration among designers. Using the mirror you can achieve different effects which correct and decorate the room. Mirrors expand and refract space, multiply the light, add to the uniqueness of the interior.


The mirror is capable alone to modify one of the walls. I think sometimes that any premises can’t do without mirrors.


I wanted to paint a variety of mirrors, trying to draw them in detail thin brush. For the whole history of mankind mirror passed interesting evolution from polished stones and pieces of metal to modern mirrors.


Mirrors were more expensive than the famous paintings of great artists, so only very rich people could afford them. Wealthy citizens used a small hand mirror, which looked like a metal disk with handle. But such mirrors too quickly become unfit for use, unprotected metal is oxidized.


The first mirrors from glass were created already in the I century A.D. in Rome. But in the middle ages glass mirrors were forbidden by the Church, and people again began to use polished pieces of metal. The most expensive were mirrors of Venice, which had a rather complicated method of production. For manufacturing of such mirrors were used mercury amalgam, quite dangerous for health.


The Venetians kept secret method of manufacturing their mirrors. But the French adopted their method of production, moreover, they have simplified and made cheaper the production, also made a mirror available to society.


Thanks to a German scientist Justus von Liebig we know the modern method of manufacturing of mirrors with the use of silver. The essence of the method, in brief: On the rear surface of sheet glass put a thin reflective layer of aluminium or silver, then put on it a copper scum for the protection and then varnish. Below is a video where you can watch the manufacturing of mirrors in more detail:

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