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Patricia Urquiola. A woman with character

Patricia Urquiola – one of the few successful women in the design world, where mostly men are the leaders. She is originally from Oviedo, Spain and in her veins flows the blood of the Basques and Asturias. She has incredible charisma and her main task is to convince and earn the trust. Thus, the companies with which she cooperates are willing to rethink their possibilities and to try something new. Today her objects produces in such significant companies as: B&B Italia, Kartell, Driade, Moroso and others.

Patricia studied architecture in Madrid and Milan and her mentor was the great designer Achille Castiglioni who explained what it means to be a designer household items you use everyday. She collaborated with the Italian company De Padova, taught, participated in architectural projects and soon opened her own studio.

Besides the furniture she also works on fabrics, materials, interiors of restaurants and showrooms. Objects of Patricia are meaningful and have a deep context. She believes that the subject should serve not just for certain purposes but to be self-sufficient as landscape. She likes to constantly try new possibilities and materials. Working on the object she always first think about the context in which they will be used.

Patricia is an admirable designer but remembers that she is a woman. Her subjects like no other, unusual, comfortable and nice looking. They are in the collections of museums including the famous MoMA in New York.






A short interview with the charming Patricia:

A sketch painted by me.
The source of the other pictures you can find by clicking on them.

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