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Results 2018 | Trends 2019

2018 has come to an end, and it’s time to take some resume. In this issue we will tell what interesting happened in the outgoing year, and what phenomena in design gained momentum. And also about the eighteenth trends that we like, and which, of course, in the coming years will remain actual.

Color of the year

Each year, Pantone announces a specific color. At two thousand and eighteenth it was ultraviolet. Of course, very deep and philosophical, but unfortunately difficult to apply in fashion and in interiors.
In the upcoming 2019, the main color will be Living Coral. The bright but soft shade, which symbolizes energy, carefree activity, the need for optimism and self-expression, as well as a lively presence in social networks that play a significant role in today’s life. Objects and interiors in this color are softly energized.




Trends in design.

Retro styles

We live in a wonderful time, when in the world of design there is a real riot of colors and textures, and a bold combinations of various styles with no rules. Over the years, a strong friendship has occurred between such styles as retro and art deco with their chic and glitter, the 60s and 70s with their curved shapes and bright cheerful colors, and rethought avant-garde and postmodernism, with their courage and irony over the serious rules.




But the most incredible thing now is the revival of the art nouveau style. By the example of this Beefbar, which opened recently in Paris, we can see all the beauty of this style, which, it would seem, is forever in the past. This is a grand restoration of a long-forgotten Lamgham hotel, which was created in 1898 by the project of architect Emil Hurtré. The walls were painted by the artist Jules Wielhorski. After the restoration of architectural elements and paintings, designers added modern furniture that fits perfectly into the space.
It seems that the upcoming New Year will give us more spaces in this style.


We don’t yet understand what is happening, but arches appear in projects more and more often. Now it is a rethought form, without the classical heaps. Thus, the interiors are moving farther and farther from reality, and are more like puppet or surreal spaces. Arches will be everywhere, even in furniture and art objects.





Elements and objects made of metals do not lose their relevance. On the example of the apartment from the designer Tristan Auer, we can see how the parts of the interior are delicately highlighted with warm metal, which makes the space very stylish.

Such techniques can be in the bathrooms, kitchens, decor items and furniture.

Natural materials and shades

Despite the insane combinations of the brightest colors and textures, natural materials and shades don’t give up their positions. All the same, the old men of modernism were right in many ways, and the practicality and rationality of minimalism is forever.
Simple and functional forms, concrete, natural stone, terracotta and wood in the interiors continue to be improved from year to year. For example, in a townhouse according to the project of Dieter Vander Velpen Architects, we can observe an abundance of clean lines from natural, expensive materials, which makes the interior native and spacious.

Thats all. Happy New Year!

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