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Freehand. Ron Arad

Designer, artist and architect. Ron Arad is originally from Tel Aviv. He doesn’t like to consider themselves part of any particular profession. His creative energy doesn’t fit into the framework of definitions. He is a man who does a lot for this world to defeat its death and boredom.

Ron grew up in an artistic family. He studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Art, then at the Architectural Association in London, where, thanks to not the traditional method of teaching, he has developed his own unique style. Ron Arad is experimenting with unexpected or brand-new technologies and materials, particularly with metal. He is one of the first who started creating furniture from industrial waste and to work with computer technologies.

I was mesmerized when watched the video where the camera hovers through the architectural spaces created by Ron. Share with you this video, below. His creative thinking causes admiration.

In this video Ron talks about his objects, which are located in one of the most important museums of modern art, in MoMA (New York). Charge yourself his creative energy and charisma!

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