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Russian contemporary studio KSceramics

One summer evening we walked around the neighborhood in our district and met the lighted showcase with a charming ceramic cups. Ksenia Shigaeva is their creator, she is a ceramist. We were in awe of what people live near us and we really wanted to meet with Ksenia. Soon we visited her in the studio KSceramics.

Ksenia studied in England and Norway. It was interesting to hear about the process of creating ceramics, to see where it all happens. Each stage of work from concept to implementation Ksenia makes herself. Her ideas are fresh and unusual. In the studio all carefully designed to work. There is a room to work with glazes, a room for plaster, a room for oven, and also sinks with the tanks for settling of water, and a desk made of special material wich is great for working with ceramics, and many other subtleties.



– Who or what inspires you?
The material itself inspires me the most. Porcelain. This is a very capricious material, it’s difficult to work with it and it has a lot of restrictions, and to overcome these limitations is the thing that I really like. The second thing that inspires me is everyday life, or rather how and what can I do differently to change familiar objects and to give them new functionality. Who said that the handle of the cup should be in the ear shape, or that you can brew only one kind of tea in teapot, or that the plate can be used only with one hand… It’s a game with yourself.

– How do you start your work day?
I turn on light in my gallery, pour water for the dog and turn on the music. Often it is a radio, it creates the effect of presence of the other people. And only after that I start training workflow – carefully kneaded the clay for a day.



– Why ceramics? What are your favorite moments in the process?
Ceramics is a wonderful activity, extraordinarily diverse, it has an infinite number of techniques, processes and materials to use. I’m never bored with it. I don’t like to do the same thing but with ceramics is very simple. For example you can change one component of the glaze at least 5℅ and get a completely different result. And what happens in the oven – it’s a magic. Put into the oven one, and when open you always experienced a slight shock of how things have changed, despite the fact that I’ve done it hundreds or thousands of times. Probably, this monent of opening the oven is my favorite moment. When there’s still so hot that it is impossible to take them in hand but you can already see them with your eyes and make sure that all is well, no one stuck to each other, no one fell and not melted much.




– What kind of home do you imagine when you create ceramics?
Home… I never thought about it, but I guess this is a home in a Scandinavian style – white walls, lots of light, lots of greenery, long raw wooden table and a large number of bright, interesting, funny parts, and my works are amongst them 🙂

– What makes a home cosy?
I think the little things makes a home cosy. Which owners lovingly collected throughout the life.







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