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Marble in the interior, and the care for it

I already wrote about my love to the minerals. So, in this article I would like to touch upon the subject about marble – a favorite stone since ancient times. It widely used in construction, created beautiful and elegant sculptures with it. Masters appreciate this material for its beauty, and for ease in use. When we were in Italy, admired the cathedrals in each city, their rich marble decoration both outside and inside. Today, the marble is still very popular, it is actively using in the interiors, imitates its texture on the fabrics, ceramics, and wallpaper.
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Antiquity. Ancient Greece and Rome.

Recently I thought about one question: what will be my bathroom if I inspired time and life of the ancient Greeks and Romans? The more I again immersed in ancient times, the more I wanted to know not only about the premises, but also about the traditions and life of that time. My sketch above shows my impression about antiquity, and here I want to tell some peculiarities of life of those times.
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