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The Paris apartment

This is our new project, and this time we explored the features of the Paris apartments. The project was created for a wonderful woman which the youth raged in the 80-ies, and for her young nephew who came here to learn from the heartland. The apartment is pretty spacious but typically Parisian apartments is more intimate, two-story sometimes. Other features are small kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings and windows, herringbone parquet. The facades of Paris not to be confused with anything! Windows and balconies decorated with wrought-iron lattices. Shops and cafes located on the ground floor. Residential apartments located on the other floors.
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Autumn. Make the kitchen cozy


Autumn is a time of household gatherings with friends, which many of us like to spend in the kitchen while it rains outside. In these days the kitchen warms you with its comfort emanating from the preparations for the winter, fragrant pastries, spicy hot soups and tea. This is a great reason to upgrade your kitchen and make it cozy in the autumn.
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Freehand. Peacock Сhair

This gorgeus chair with a back resembling a peacock’s tail called the Peacock Chair. Its origin is not known, but there are many legends. Its home is the Philippines. This is outdoor furniture, but often it stands in the interiors. It is made mostly of rattan and vines. Braided pattern varies from simple to the most intricate shapes. Originally natural colors, but today you can find it in bright colors: yellow, pink, sky blue, and of course, black or white.
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Fashion inspiration. It’s summer!

Here come the summer! It is time of bright colors and impressions, sun and sea, fruits and ice cream. And when talk is about bright colors that immediately come to mind the 50-s and 60-s. The furniture of those times has soft rounded shapes, prints – geometric and bright. Dear readers, we congratulate you with the beginning of the summer and wish you to spend it carefree and very bright!
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Chinese style in interior

Continuing the theme of Chinoiserie we will touch on the true China style. Despite the fact that it is much more modest than the view of Europeans, it still deserves attention. This country is full of centuries-old traditions, it has brought to the world many useful inventions such as paper, ceramics, silk, bronze casting and more. Any object in the Chinese style makes a modern interior more interesting and meaningful.
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Color of the year 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity

World famous company of color Pantone announces any shade of color of the year for several years. In 2015 it was Marsala – deep and enveloping wine shade. This year for the first time in the history of Pantone two colors became as color of the year (or combination​): Rose Quartz and Serenity.
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Personage + interior: carelessness or ambitiousness

Two persons, two different characters. The first is a young, carefree girl, easy-going and a lover of adventure. Her interior: natural materials, shabby wood and leather, vintage and objects that are valuable not for its cost but for history and uniqueness. She surrounds herself with the things that warm the soul.
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Fashion inspiration. A light breeze in the bedroom

Sky and sea give us various shades of blue. Bedroom in such gentle tones will allow to fully relax and gain strength. Light walls with molding, deep blue accents on the cushions, white sand and pebbles shades on the headboard. This story complement silver table lamp and rough nightstands.

(1) Table lamp – Anthropologie
(2) Headboard – Pottery Barn
(3) Walls with molding and paint – Sanderson, shade Bonton
(4) Bed linen – Toast
(5) Decorative cushion – Amy Sia
(6) Vase with relief pattern – Zara Home
(7) Nightstand – Smartfurniture

Source of the fashion photoshoot

Apartment in England

My husband and I decided to explore features layouts of apartments and houses in different countries. And at the same time to create the design for it. And the first country that we have chosen is England. Typical apartment (townhouse) in the English residential area has its own entrance from the street, has two floors and rear patio. The facades are designed strictly in the same style,the interior of the apartment may look as tenants will want. Often from the entrance you get into the kitchen and then into the living room. On the second floor traditionally there are the bedrooms and nursery. About the English style in the interior I will write a separate post.
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Fashion inspiration. Coral dining room

I love the coral color. And this time I was inspired by a photo from the new collection of Emilio Pucci. I made this bright dining room with wallpaper reminiscent of the lace pattern. Spacious white table surrounded by chairs in black leather. Armchair as a bright pink accent. Wall decor replicates a bag with elements of macrame. Oak flooring of muted tones.

(1) Well decor – HIMOART, on Etsy
(2) Chandelier – ELK Lighting
(3) Candlesticks – Aaron Silverstein
(4) Wallpaper – Farrow Ball, Silvergate collection
(5) Dining chair – South Shore Decorating
(6) Oak flooring
(7) Dining table – Porro
(8) Armchair – Cyan Design


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