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A cozy conversation. Sara Pavao

Sara Pavao from New Jersey told us about her lovely home, treasures, and inspiration of nature. You can consider a very long time the interiors of her house, there are so many interesting details, plants, pottery and macrame. The beautiful bohemian mood!
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A cozy conversation. Talita Rubinho

Talita Rubinho – founder and designer of handmade jewelry Evna out of minerals. She told us about her home, favorite place and things, about the simplicity and naturalness. Enjoy her story and beautiful home!
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A cozy conversation. Angel Trinidad

Angel Trinidad – editor, writer and content producer from Amsterdam who weekly shares her inspiration in Angel Magazine. Once I painted her portrait, and recently she told us about her home, workspace, favorite things, sweet treats, and about the importance of the individuality. Enjoy!
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A cozy conversation. Anh N

Anh N – artist and a mother from Australia, talks about home, cakes, kilims, dreams, and happiness. Enjoy her stories and humor, the cosy and inspiring corners.
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A cozy conversation. Ksyusha Trunilova

Ksyusha Trunilova – founder of the design school Bohemica, designer of handmade jewelry and clothing NUONE. She shared with us how she found her own home, what it’s filled with. And told about the importance of the home, about communication between it and owner. Also, you can read about her magical traditions and values.
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A cozy conversation. Liv Megargle

Liv Megargle (4th on the photo) – momma of 4, small business owner, coauthor of Soulremedies, living in a little farmy town in Washington state with her beautiful big family. We begin the new 2016 with her lovely story about home and family traditions!
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A cozy conversation. Andrey Pavlenko

Andrey Pavlenko – artist and decorator, creator of handmade jewelry and decor. I met Andrey on the television, he was our art director, and implemented a lot of his and our wildest ideas. We visited him at his home where there is incredible creative atmosphere!
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A cozy conversation. Natalia Sazonova

Natalia Sazonova – Web-Editor of the magazine AD Russia, shares her passion for design with all around. She told us about her attitude to home. I wanted to share this inspiring chat a long time ago, and now is the opportune moment. At the same time, I drew a couple of sketches of interiors as illustrations to our chat.
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