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A cozy conversation. Liv Megargle

Liv Megargle (4th on the photo) – momma of 4, small business owner, coauthor of Soulremedies, living in a little farmy town in Washington state with her beautiful big family. We begin the new 2016 with her lovely story about home and family traditions!
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Private residents in Texas, United States

The interior of this private residence pleasing to the eye due to the soothing and beautiful shades. Wood and stone in one color look are harmonious and not arguing with each other. Upholstery gently complements the space and resembles moss. Here is not boring due to the diversity of textures and accents with large chandeliers, unusual tables and art objects.
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Magical world of Nathalie Lete

This charming space belongs to Nathalie Lete – the artist who expresses in different directions: illustration, textiles, ceramics. In childhood she was very fond of fairy tales that so inspire her creativity. Wood elements, ceramic tile, rugs and cushions – all created based on sketches by Natalie. The neutral background of the walls and floor balances the poignancy and violence of folklore.
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A cozy conversation. Andrey Pavlenko

Andrey Pavlenko – artist and decorator, creator of handmade jewelry and decor. I met Andrey on the television, he was our art director, and implemented a lot of his and our wildest ideas. We visited him at his home where there is incredible creative atmosphere!
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Hotel Henriette, Paris

I like the color scheme and the post-war atmosphere of this hotel. Silver and deep blue shades go perfectly with the lamps of the 50’s and other vintage objects. Designer Vanessa Scoffier have created a so homely atmosphere.
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Apartment of the poet

The owner of this Brooklyn apartment Carl Hancock Rux, poet, writer and actor. Everything here breathes of the true story, creativity, vintage and unusual objects. Carl carefully keeps the old decor of the space: the ceiling moldings, scuff floors, brickwork. All this endlessly inspires new creativity. Would you like to live in apartment like this?
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Christmas mood

I think this Scandinavian farmhouse is ideal for Christmas and winter! Barn wood, the warmth of gold, fur. And a lot of snow outside the window.
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Home of Elizabeth

Recently I discovered the wonderful Elizabeth and her blog Delightfully Tacky, where she generously shares her style, thoughts, ideas, recipes and more. She loves her home and writes about how she and her husband Dan gradually equip it. In my opinion, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this home. The house is filled with inexpensive and vintage items or handmade items which radiate love.
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