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Autumn. Make the kitchen cozy


Autumn is a time of household gatherings with friends, which many of us like to spend in the kitchen while it rains outside. In these days the kitchen warms you with its comfort emanating from the preparations for the winter, fragrant pastries, spicy hot soups and tea. This is a great reason to upgrade your kitchen and make it cozy in the autumn.
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Freehand. Alessi – factory of the happiness

It all began in 1921 in the Omegna, Italy, when Giovanni Alessi opened with his brother a small workshop of the tableware and household objects. The passion does something incredible and, soon, the workshop turned into a factory. From the 50s-60s the company began actively to invite designers and architects to create new products. It was a time of experimentation with form and materials. Objects obtained with history, with soul and humor, and at the same time, convenient to use. Today we can see them in the biggest design museums.
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Wall decor for kitchen

Recently we decided little bit to transform the kitchen in our temporary dwelling. For this I created wall decor of pheasant feathers. Later they will move into our new home. Below I share with you how I did it.
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Marble in the interior, and the care for it

I already wrote about my love to the minerals. So, in this article I would like to touch upon the subject about marble – a favorite stone since ancient times. It widely used in construction, created beautiful and elegant sculptures with it. Masters appreciate this material for its beauty, and for ease in use. When we were in Italy, admired the cathedrals in each city, their rich marble decoration both outside and inside. Today, the marble is still very popular, it is actively using in the interiors, imitates its texture on the fabrics, ceramics, and wallpaper.
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