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Freehand. Alessi – factory of the happiness

It all began in 1921 in the Omegna, Italy, when Giovanni Alessi opened with his brother a small workshop of the tableware and household objects. The passion does something incredible and, soon, the workshop turned into a factory. From the 50s-60s the company began actively to invite designers and architects to create new products. It was a time of experimentation with form and materials. Objects obtained with history, with soul and humor, and at the same time, convenient to use. Today we can see them in the biggest design museums.
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Christmas cards 2015

So here came the last month of this year. And very soon the holidays, some Christmas cheer and gifts. Every year I come up with a series of Christmas cards for friends and family. The choice of composition takes a while, so this time I decided to work on the cards in advance, because I knew that the appearance of our baby will turn on head all my plans.
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A symbol of fertility

Skulls of bulls and cows often decorate the interiors. I always wondered what they mean, because even for me they are a bit gloomy. And recently while studying architecture I found the term: bucranium – ornament in the form of skulls of bulls and rams which since ancient times decorate the temples and tombs in many cultures. The bull is a symbol of spring and fertility and also power. Gods and kings was often depicted with a bull’s horns. The skull of a bull with its horns very similar to the shape of the female uterus. Also, it reminds us about the impermanence of life.
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Girls and flora again

Continue my creative way. Today some of my last drawings. Girls and flora as always.
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This is my small collection of portraits people I met on Instagram this summer. It all started with Angel @icehotel, I could not resist her photo which is filled of bright colors and positive. DJ Yabis @dreameurotrip apparently jokingly, asked to draw him too. They did this series of photos together and his pictures are full of bright tulips, so I painted his portrait with joy.
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Wedding invitations

We did invitations for our wedding by ourselves. We decided that a printed version wouldn’t so vibrant. I painted the flowers, Alex did the font, text and overall design. I tried different variants of the composition, but a color we chose immediately.
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Freehand. Ron Arad

Designer, artist and architect. Ron Arad is originally from Tel Aviv. He doesn’t like to consider themselves part of any particular profession. His creative energy doesn’t fit into the framework of definitions. He is a man who does a lot for this world to defeat its death and boredom.
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Girls and flora

This summer is special for us. We’re preparing for our wedding. We try to resolve all wedding issues as soon as possible, because we want to calmly do other things, have a good sleep and don’t worry about anything. So we’re busy a pleasant chores.

Maybe that’s why I acquired a special love for flora and flowers this year?! I visit greenhouses, watch a lot of pictures with flowers, draw girls on the background of cacti and flowers. In this post I decided to gather all their recent drawings. I’m still looking my style of expression and, you know, this is a very enjoyable process.
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Designer Benjamin Hubert

I really like these incredible form armchairs from London-based designer Benjamin Hubert. Honestly, I love every object created by him. Armchair, a lamp or a clock – all of his objects breathe a brilliant idea. He often makes a small discoveries in industrial design, thereby solving the issues of efficiency and simplicity of production, maximum functionality and reducing the weight of the object.
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The mirror is one of the favorite subjects of decoration among designers. Using the mirror you can achieve different effects which correct and decorate the room. Mirrors expand and refract space, multiply the light, add to the uniqueness of the interior.
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