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Illustrators about interiors. Elizabeth Barnett, Fumi Koike and others

I love the illustration, especially about domestic scenes and interiors. Below I will show you some contemporary artists whose works is very inspiring to me. They are all from different countries and their illustrations are a feature of the culture and environments that affect to them. Their attention to details, mood through colors and composition compel me to consider their pictures for a long time. I hope you’ll like them too. Enjoy!
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The Paris apartment

This is our new project, and this time we explored the features of the Paris apartments. The project was created for a wonderful woman which the youth raged in the 80-ies, and for her young nephew who came here to learn from the heartland. The apartment is pretty spacious but typically Parisian apartments is more intimate, two-story sometimes. Other features are small kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings and windows, herringbone parquet. The facades of Paris not to be confused with anything! Windows and balconies decorated with wrought-iron lattices. Shops and cafes located on the ground floor. Residential apartments located on the other floors.
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The chic velvet

Velvet – amazing material! Also, it has always been associated with kingdom, wealth, chic and nobility. Radiance and pleasant soft texture of velvet attracted attention. It’s beautiful on the sofas, chairs, drapes, and even on the headboard of the bed. It manifests itself, especially in saturated colours: emerald, ruby, blue, purple. It even is ageing beautifully! Today, the velvet looks gorgeous in any space: in the classical interiors, in the loft, in the bedroom, and in the cafe.
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Patricia Urquiola. A woman with character

Patricia Urquiola – one of the few successful women in the design world, where mostly men are the leaders. She is originally from Oviedo, Spain and in her veins flows the blood of the Basques and Asturias. She has incredible charisma and her main task is to convince and earn the trust. Thus, the companies with which she cooperates are willing to rethink their possibilities and to try something new. Today her objects produces in such significant companies as: B&B Italia, Kartell, Driade, Moroso and others.
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Chinoiserie or fantasies about a far land

The legends of Marco Polo and other fascinating histories of merchants about far and beautiful land as well as articles which they brought, gave birth in Europe of the XVIII century a passion for Chinese culture. And there was a Chinoiserie style, one of the branches of Rococo.
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How to avoid mistakes in the repair and construction of house?

We have tried to collect for us a list of the most important things to remember when you are going to make repairs or build a new home. It’s not possible to save from all errors, so let this be a short list-memo for designers and for those who make home repair yourself. Also the post gave me a nice reason to practice my skills in the sketch. I am not English-speaker, so please forgive me for my mistakes.
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A cozy conversation. Natalia Sazonova

Natalia Sazonova – Web-Editor of the magazine AD Russia, shares her passion for design with all around. She told us about her attitude to home. I wanted to share this inspiring chat a long time ago, and now is the opportune moment. At the same time, I drew a couple of sketches of interiors as illustrations to our chat.
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Apartment in England

My husband and I decided to explore features layouts of apartments and houses in different countries. And at the same time to create the design for it. And the first country that we have chosen is England. Typical apartment (townhouse) in the English residential area has its own entrance from the street, has two floors and rear patio. The facades are designed strictly in the same style,the interior of the apartment may look as tenants will want. Often from the entrance you get into the kitchen and then into the living room. On the second floor traditionally there are the bedrooms and nursery. About the English style in the interior I will write a separate post.
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Spring bedroom

My sketch of spring bedroom specifically for The full article you can read here.

Getting ready for the cold weather

Very soon the cold weather will come, which means that we will spend more time at home. So I came up with my new interior sketches filled with maximum comfort and warmth. This collection of furniture I made especially for The Furnish. My recommendation to them, you can find on their web site.
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