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Our road trip to St. Petersburg – Veliky Novgorod – Valday

With the advent of David our trips became not very frequent, and of course, not very far. But when our good friend invited us to a wedding in St. Petersburg at the end of may, we immediately decided to go. But only at night because our son was almost 9 months at that time and he could sweet sleep in the car. Fantastic sunrise was the reward for a night ride.
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Tsytsin greenhouse

Recently my sister and I went to the Tsytsin greenhouse in Moscow. Love to visit such places, because among the abundance of plants and trees under a glass roof there is a feeling that you’re in another world. The greenhouse was more than I expected. Below are some photos we made together with my sister.
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Greek honeymoon

We have a funny travel story. It all started with the amazing Italy where we met the girls from Irkutsk. So then we travel to lake Baikal. There we had a great time and met two Germans and after a while visited their in Bavaria. But our honeymoon we spent on the Kos Island, Greece. In this post the story of our honeymoon trip and a little video at the end.
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Rostov black pottery

In Rostov there are workshops of black-glazed pottery. It’s pretty ancient folk craft.
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