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The Paris apartment

This is our new project, and this time we explored the features of the Paris apartments. The project was created for a wonderful woman which the youth raged in the 80-ies, and for her young nephew who came here to learn from the heartland. The apartment is pretty spacious but typically Parisian apartments is more intimate, two-story sometimes. Other features are small kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings and windows, herringbone parquet. The facades of Paris not to be confused with anything! Windows and balconies decorated with wrought-iron lattices. Shops and cafes located on the ground floor. Residential apartments located on the other floors.



The hallway is the first impression of the apartment. It is light and with interesting details. Spectacular chandeliers by Robert Soneman 70-ies (1) attracts the attention at first. Rhythmic wallpaper from Ferm Living (2), the floor tiled with exquisite ornament (6). All doors and windows in this project are the same as the framing that supports the overall concept.



The living room is the brightest room in this project. The walls are painted in velvety cranberry shade. Blue velvet vintage chairs (6) complements it. Behind the sofa wall has a light gray-blue shade, it makes easier pervaded space. The sofa designed by Francesco Beghetto for Miniforms (7). Vintage French table lamps 60-ies in the form of hands (1) in the company for it. The dining area is located near the windows.




The master bedroom is bright, delicate and so French. Over the bed the canopy textiles from Eskayel (3). Scenic locker 50-ies from Italy (1). Built-in wardrobe made of transparent glass and creates lightness and adds air. Only the velvet burgundy poof breaks the calm (4).




The bedroom of the nephew is more like North, Scandinavia. The walls are painted with geometric shapes in shades of gray. Small details make the space special like posters (1), chandelier (2), vintage leather arm chair (6), this cute rug (3).



The colors play with new force in the kitchen. Here, the walls are highlighted in deep blue, apron decorated cement tiles with a pattern from Grow House Grow (2), shop window of the purple velvet. All of this are reflected in the brass of the pendant from the French company Lambertet Fils (1) and of the mixer from Bert and May (5).



The bathroom is also not devoid of colors. White tile plays contrast with the painted cranberry elements of the walls near the ceiling. Tub is oval shape and cozy (5) and the padded stool is near it (7). Spectacular ceiling lamps (2) gain a dialogue with the mixer (3) mirror (1) and the accessories from Zara Home (6). Sink merges the common facade with a washing machine and the cabinet (9).



Someday, we’ll just have to go to Paris and enjoy the beauty of this city. ?

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