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Wedding invitations

We did invitations for our wedding by ourselves. We decided that a printed version wouldn’t so vibrant. I painted the flowers, Alex did the font, text and overall design. I tried different variants of the composition, but a color we chose immediately.



When I chose the composition I started painting flowers without a pencil. It was a pleasant evenings accompanied by TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. By the way, the first series was fun to watch/listen, but I threw it as soon as finished all the invitations.



But back to the invitations. A circle with a title and text we tried to print on thick embossed paper, but our printer was not designed for such density and therefore spoiled the paper. In the end we used usual colored paper for printer. Taped it with thin double-sided tape. This is the best and fastest way to piece together and don’t need any glue!

In one weekend we decided to go to the store for needlework. Previously, I did not know about the existence shaped hole punch and paper cutter. For me it was a real discovery! In the end, we bought some useful things to work with paper. These tools make it faster and easier workflow and I really advise them!

So, all we need is:
– watercolor paper;
– watercolor;
– colored paper for printer (purple);
– thin double-sided tape;
– scissors and paper cutter;
– shaped hole punch;
– printer.

It was very nice to give guests the invitations personally!







– Eva

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