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Our blog is gradually filled and soon will be able to catch up with our Instagram. I like to keep a blog, this leads to self-development and helping to fix the received knowledge.

Sometimes people are in a state of confusion and they don’t know which the interior they would like to have in the home. Today’s tips will help you to choose the interior of your home.

1. Find your inspiration. Start to look beautiful photographs of nature and plants, food or fashion. Thus you will understand what colors and texture you like. You will only need to look through magazines (about fashion, travel, food and others) or to surf the Web. You will not always find enough ideas for itself immediately. For that end you will have to look through a lot of magazines. I prefer magazines: Interior + Design and Elle Decor.

living room richard powers

You can browse the interiors, for example, on the sites: pufikhomes, desiretoinspire, designsponge. I like to browse the site Pinterest.

Another source of inspiration could be your own wardrobe, if he really fits your preference.


mood board

4. Show your character. The most common mistake at arrangement your home is to limit themselves in predilections. Thus the premises are obtained faceless.
Your home should tell about you and your hobbies. Don’t be afraid of making brave decisions, the colors on the walls or colourful upholstery. The most important thing is to listen to yourself and realize that you really like, and then to afford it. And then in your home you will feel in harmony with yourself. This is very important.

bedroom laura moss

Don’t forget about the sense of proportion. You might want all at once. You have to give up many things, and it’s really hard. Always remember about the golden mean.

5. Don’t get stuck. Stop thinking about it and start to enjoy the creative process. It wasn’t that important to adhere strictly to any one style. It’s boring and, again, little will be able to tell about your personality. (see paragraph 4)

Skilful combination of items from various epochs or textures gives interesting results. Mirrors 18th century are the perfect complement to modern sofa, vintage dresser will begin to live a new life if it repainted in lemon color. Today dominates eclectic and freedom. So, listen to your heart and make experiments!

6. Make a reality. Now if you are ready to bring your desires into reality, you can start looking for home decoration materials and furniture. Sometimes when you’re looking for you can find something better than analogue on the picture. Collages can be very helpful to you when you start to talk with managers in stores and salons. So they are better able to understand what you are looking for.

And to avoid mistakes in the repair we offer you to read this article.

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